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Pre-Islamic Arabian And Middle History Of The Middle East

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in the 14th century a Muslim history and named it would help us about the ancient Empires and how the first civilizations image along major rivers how valley and China in this river and Pakistan name of famous leader Nile river in Egypt the historian broad how these rivers allowed easy access to trade and Commerce and from there they grew into major cities and then to civilizations but more interestingly Ibn Khaldun will the bottom pattern of history farmers would build irrigation systems supporting villages and towns letter on some were your would bring these styles on his rule and form a United political entity like a king the Mughal Empire then a tribe of nomads would come along and Conquer this Kingdom and C is all the buildings and settle into place and for expense the new Empire.

As time went by romance with assimilate and become soft City dwellers exactly the kind of people they had conquered before and this point I’m not that I don’t know much would come along and Conquer them and take their Empire conquest consolidation expansion degeneration and conquest this was the pattern you will have done rules about the first civilization was the land between the rest of difference and Europe raiders later known as Mesopotamia and Babylon less known are the sumerians who started it all the United the cities near the river of Europe rate is into a single network cold summer they invented writing the wheel to cord at 17 later the akkadians a mountainous people to the north concrete summer and their leaders are gone Arcot became the first Congress known by name at the time this was the largest Kingdom and sagan famously said now anything who wants to kill himself my equal ever will let him go

He basically said let’s see anyone conquer as much as I have his Kingdom was smaller than Serbia later the accidents were conquered by another Nomadic tribe and the newcomers with and conquered by others and Soviet whether the good ones unions Emirates they’ll concrete settled expands a little and then a simulated from Warrior 2 City food but every conquest left something behind the amorites founded the city of violence and from the said the average difference babylonian Empire the babylonians were pioneers in Astronomy and mathematics then The assyrian Tribe to the 9 8 October and found the assyrian Empire capital is considered one of the greatest cities in antiquity the assyrians made a number of innovations and improvements they arrested the first library and used a with roles they even came up with a first kind of Imperial administration in which subject Nations and vessels reported to a central authority assyrian rules also gained a reputation as a merciless pirates now it’s hard to say if they were really worse than the other rules in the time but one of their strategies to keep the rams table was by moving whole populations to other places now after a while the assyrians lost their power to other drives like this ROM error in the sentence that alone ians kshitis these types for each other for about two centuries until the assyrians came back and re-establish their empire and return to their divide and rule strategy eventually the assyrians fell to one of their subject nations which are the ones they were rebuilt the second babylonian empire and their well known for their achievements in Astronomy medicine architecture and mathematics in fact it was the chaldeans who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon wall of the Ancient seven world wonders of the chaldeans follow the same strategy as the assyrians had by approaching Ho populations in order to divide and rule it was the king of babylonia napkin Nazar who first night mein should Jerusalem and drag the Hebrews into captivity and then came the invasion by the Highland people to the east the persians and the murders of the babylonians were defeated and their infrastructure and political system was used to found the Persian Empire the Persian Empire Cyrus the great had conquered the known world is round extended from the Nile today Indus river

But the pearls are best known for their political reforms they finally the opposite strategy of the experience they said the Hebrews free from captivity and Research tooth populations to their native lands the persians pursue the policy of multiculturalism people were allowed to leave however this of faith and worship whatever Gods they wanted as long as they take their taxes to listen to others they issued a common currency and build the best network of roads authority Empire the Persian libraries were so large that there is in fact more information about this period 3000 years ago then there is in Europe tour from the years ago Empire also had its own unique religion zoroastrianism was founded in the region of Azerbaijan meaning the land of fire 3 Elysium is of the misunderstood for fire worshipping but the fire is a symbol for purity and basically believe in good and evil and there was a hell and there was a help it was one of the earliest monotheistic religions in the later error of the Persian Empire they came in contact with the greeks for greeks to put it revolves in the print empire in this proverb with the person Emperor Darius to punish the greeks Darius for one of the largest armies ever for the size was more reliability then all I can think there was no real effective way to direct so many men at certain distance in the end it was the greeks to talk to the presence of lesson but the lesson was quickly forgotten there was an exhaust is decided to avenge his father by going after the greeks again this is the war that involve the famous 300 Spartans Darius repeated his father’s mistake and lost the war 150 years later Alexander of Macedonia talk the barrel the other way he cripple the Persian army and quickly come with all of Persia and thereby effectively concrete the known world Alexander left the controversial mark series that had surrender to him who left on hard drive sin is that registered voter list 20 had concrete Britain capital and the palace hi Burn It To The Ground that this was one of the most prestigious buildings in the world but on the other hand he built the Lighthouse of Alexandria and one of the Ancient 7 world wonders Alexander was planning to name Babylon his new capital and you also plan to fused Greek and Persian cultures into one he recommended his generals to take Persian wives but he died before he could implement this policy and upon his death his generals asked him who should succeed you Alexander replied the strongest his Empire broken pieces among the Greek channels controlling it then the greeks for Each Other eventually the kingdoms weekend and the Greek influence diminished Persian identity resurfaced and another Empire was formed picea didn’t exactly occupy the same size as the earlier Persian Empire but the persons use the existing political structure and established an Empire they later on assimilated into the Persian language and over time they became presents The persians made no significant contribution to arts and culture simply because they didn’t care for it the persians were active role in the matter Quora your people

but what a lactating culture they made up in warfare they were the first to use Katha France and nice info metal armor writing a normal force this would later on influence the Roman empire sportsmen and their European feudal Nights but the Parthians also use like every who would protect the free in the middle of a battle district the overall to break rank and chase after them then the party enforcement would suddenly turned around and fire into their disorganised Accountants this would later be called the party but they used his tactics and Battle the Roman empire to a standstill when Christianity started with the persians dermacare because their favourite zoroastrianism in the third century a provincial level overthrew The Last of the persons and found that the Sunita dynasty and they too quickly expanded and occupy the same territory as the persons at the sun is referred the empire and erase the last traces of Greek influence they built and Thomas monuments buildings and cities zoroastrianism became the official religion in the same error the Roman empire was falling apart the Roman Emperor PPN power into for administrative purposes but all the Welfare was in the east and when the germanic tribes move in the western part of Empires the government rank law and order broke Kaun trater Kate and eventually the western part of the Roman empire collapsed and Europe entered the dark ages but the Eastern part of the Roman empire still lived on how were the identity between Roman and Greek was so vague that historians gave it a new name the Byzantine Empire the bicentennial capital Roman culture but did not approve on it for example most people can name Roman and Greek poets and philosophy was like Plato Aristotle ulysses August 17 but few people can name to be sent Indian poets this Empire lasted more than a thousand years but few people can name 5 events that took place in the Empire still by something was a superpower back then the other being the Persian Empire they fought each other in multiple war which generally and it in a stalemate but bosses empowers neglect the development to their South enables the Arabian Peninsula which was about to awaken.

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