May 10, 2021


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Pop Singer Rihanna weighs in on major India farm protests, creates flutter

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International pop star Rihanna has become the first Global name to voice have supported the ongoing farmer’s agitation while criticizing the internet shut down at the protest site 32-year-old has over a hundred million followers on Twitter to the microblogging site in a share news article a major controversy has now.

So ever since we have seen this tweet coming through there are reactions are you know coming out from India is well both supporting her a supporting agitating farmers and also questioned her support the time when the opposition farmers protest and rightly so is what they feel just do it not only broke the internet last night work continues to do so with the opposition leaders like you want to get coming outside the per has this needed to be told it is good that someone is doing this and the reason for has why are Bollywood stars are not saying this is that they are scared of this particular religion now this is a narrative that is being said but you have the leaders of the day out and other reacting to Rihanna Street saying we’re talking about this because we are talking about this now what is this for the BJP the se we are talking about the virus that was meted out to Delhi Police personnel are armed forces and this is something that we talking about this also need to be talked about but are you know that what we’re seeing fire station quite literally in the Parliament event today 9 p.m.

yesterday the whole of this is Aisa was completely washed out the Lok Sabha could not continue with its preceding it was a agent several times today also situation remains the same with opposition leader Gill daughter of ancient the Lok Sabha also are you will see similar happening so clearly the opposition leaders have taken Rehana Stewart and one of the point where in the attack the government and also in a take the voice Global eno is not only the student about the farmers protest I could see a lot of other American father for 30 people globally not come out at aftari hardest to eat in the farmers in India questions asked the government says that perhaps the opposition that is raising the question should also was time to respond to the more that is not something that has been given to visit in the course of the day WhatsApp happens in the Parliament but for this farmers issue and the whole talk about snapping internet you know withholding accounts and putting nails on the road these are things that will be talked about because these are things that directly impact people and as a result they have the voices don’t want international and you will see Global was more and more of them coming out and take about this.

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