May 7, 2021


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PM Imran Khan’s sons pose for a photo with Imam after Friday prayers in Kenya

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Qasim And Sulaiman Sons of PM Imran Khan
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According to the discussion on social media of the photo taken after the Friday prayers of PM Imran Khan’s sons,

A photo was posted from the account of PM Imran Khan’s social networking website program, which is being discussed on social media on Instagram. The picture posted is of the two sons of the Prime Minister. The picture of both the sons of Imran Khan is Qasim and the picture of Suleiman is taken with a picture taken outside a mosque in Kenya. Standing behind is an American man with Suleiman and Qasim in the picture. After the picture was released on social media,

Pakistani social media users have expressed their liking. Pakistani users wishing Qasim and Suleiman well. He said that he was very happy to see the Prime Minister’s sons offering Friday prayers today. Iman and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first wife is the daughter of Jaimah Khan, who lost her mother in the UK due to the separation of her parents. They live together, but Suleiman and Qasim also come to Pakistan every year for holidays with their father Mr. Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan once admitted in an interview to a private TV channel that it is very painful for him to be away from his children but They can’t even think of moving away from their mother, that’s why children stay with their mother.

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