May 7, 2021


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PM Imran Khan beats Virat Kohli in an online poll conducted by ICC

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Iman khan beat virat kohli

Iman khan beat virat kohli

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The same strange situation has arisen inside Maria India at this time. A survey was conducted in the ICC and a call was made under which four names were asked, three of which are sister balance, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers and Imran. Khan is the capital of Australia tomorrow and he doesn’t even know much about it and he made the women’s cricket team lie down so no more people watch it. Now the ICC has asked who is the best of you. Surprisingly, a good number of people did Pakistan in it and 536,346 outs were enough for it. Now surprisingly, Virat Kohli got 40% in it and Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan 31%. And the fourth corner has taken a percentage to see that Imran Khan Khan’s efforts were made, but then the storm inside India was completely gone at that time, what is the reason, see Ceresley, if you think about it, you will understand that India There are about 20 million tweets account inside and there is more in every way. If you watch more audio programs, it is removed and Active is called India’s tax. What the cut does is not in Pakistan. Now the situation arises that Virat Kohli loses. From Imran Khan to Imran, let Ali hit. Let’s see 2019 agriculture. How did the Indian media report that the Aam Aadmi Party is from Delhi? The generals of Pakistan who do not like Imran Khan also said that you should vote for Imran Khan. It is not Imran Khan who is talking here after India. And there is one of all these things. Now look at the situation. What is the situation? Some time ago, Modi and Virat Kohli interacted with each other and used to abuse Modi, then the program was brought to Virat Kohli to be online and tell the whole world. That this is becoming impossible, he said, to save India’s all-time favorite cricketer when to side with Virat Kohli and do his policy now not where the applause protests all over the world especially. This was considered very strange and weird and those who went inside India were very critical of Virat Kohli. You don’t like to stand with me. His policy is to bring India to the brink of disaster in the same way that most people have done and whoever will stand with Modi, whether they say anything or not, will support Salman Khan. Or whoever stands with them will be bad in the eyes of the people and in the eyes of the people of India

While in such a situation, Imran Khan is actually a large number of people. If you look at the comparison, there are more than 20 million users in India and about 4 million in Pakistan. In this situation, at least people are always formed. You will see that he looks like Virat Kohli but here Imran Khan lay down. Now this is a strange thing that will happen to the Crown when he grows up. You will see that Imran Khan is liked. Inside India, but since Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, his batting has been very high in India. The reason for his satisfaction is that he is identified as Imran Khan. How do you respect the tension? How does India work?

imran khan

How can you be so crazy? Clearly, after August 5, 2019, the situation is that Imran Khan has given Modi the rating of Imran Khan by Hitler, then the question arises that Imran Khan will win when Pakistan and India One of the reasons for this is the hatred of Modi. You can vote for Imran Khan at the international level as much as you want. Remember those who sleep like this, they get full support from India, but this time let it be the case and it is telling you that if you look, the real match of Modi’s opponents is that of India which you Imran Khan and others. So now let them go inside Imran Khan’s past as much as they call him and I was always like that because if you do a survey online, there is a lot of Indian news in it and You have to look at the Indian market. The Indian market is big, so you see there that Saudi Arabia said inside Pakistan that they would make about 20 billion dollars and inside India they said that 100 billion dollars became 19 and In this way, there is a fight against the dollar and India has become the world’s largest market in 75 Saudi Arabia. The cure for the world will go to animals. Most of the ICC comes from where. Imran Khan should have lost this year in principle because the market is bigger than the rest of the world Also hate since they are in power because they expose India and Modi and tell them how the media works, but still Virat Kohli has gone out and a message is coming that whatever happens with Modi he will Won’t leave him but about another Imran Khan inside India so he could have come to help in difficult times to maintain his rating you see that because of Aamir Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan More comments are made against so many people that when a new film comes out they have a lot of action on it. The Seraiki ratio on them is very high on YouTube. One of the reasons is that now Modi needs them. He calls an older daughter. Sometimes he calls her in the evening. He calls Yar Khan and calls her. He rescues her. Despite his Naat. Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan Amir. Not one of them is like that. Be the heart of Jait Singh who has stood up for the Sikhs

But this issue should not end inside India, so the Indian media is saying that the thief will keep in mind what is not in it, his hatred but Virat Kohli did not win because hatred against Modi is on the rise and this Indian media will not be afraid about Imran Khan will win and here such a secret is always with India, so how can there be a son of Pakistan.

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