May 7, 2021


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Petrol Crisis In Pakistan After Suez Canal Blocked

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Imran Khan prepares for oil prices to rise further, which will not be under the control of the government. The so-called oil-carrying balance of the time has been closed. As a result of the agreement and borrowing with the international maritime area will not be clear in the coming weeks

The government of Pakistan is moving away from the burden of taxes. Every day there is a storm of inflation with the increase in oil and gas prices which raises the poor and the downtrodden. In the last few days when the prices of Qatar Petroleum were reduced.

Petroleum mafia had stopped the delivery of petrol which made people across the country crave for petrol and the price of petrol in the block market did not fall further.

However, when Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of the prices of petroleum products and found out Rona had formed a commission of inquiry into the petrol pump crisis, the report of which later came to light and today,

as a result of the recommendations of the same committee, Petroleum Advisor Nadeem Babar has demanded the government be white.

The recommendations of a government committee are being implemented, but it is also worth noting that Aa As a result of the agreement reached with the EMF, 13 women have lost their lives once again. Surprisingly, in the market where oil prices have started rising,

Dr. Shahid Masood mentioned in his program that The huge navy is stuck, after which the hoofs are closed and hundreds of oil and commercial cargo ships go there. Hearing that it may not be open for another two to three weeks means that the price of oil and gas has skyrocketed around the world,

Dr. Shahid Masood advised the government. That Prime Minister Imran Khan should pay attention to this because as a result of the agreement with the IMF, in addition to rising prices, global oil prices are also going to rise, which will surely be blamed on Pakistan.


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