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Peshawar; More than the city of flowers

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Peshawar is the capital of the Pakistani province of North West for interior currently known as Khyber PakhtoonKhwa is the largest city in KPK and the sixth-largest in Pakistan. Peshawar is the largest Pashtoon majority city in Pakistan. The total area of Peshawar is 215 KM(square). and its population is 1.99 million (2020). The Peshawar was enclosed within a city wall and 16 Gates. Peshawar located in the broad valley of Peshawar it surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides with a fourth opening to the Punjab planes within influence from the local climate Peshawar features very hot prolonged summers and brief mild cold winter. the native language spoken in Peshawar are Pashto and Hindko through English is used in the city’s educational institutions while Urdu is understood throughout the city.

Peshawar recorded history back to at least 39 BC. making it the oldest city in Pakistan and one of the oldest cities in South Asia. As the center of the ancient Gandhara region, Peshawar became the capital of Kushan empire under the rule of Kanishka and was home to kanishka stupa which was among the tallest buildings in the ancient world.
Peshawar was ruled by hathalites followed by the Hindu shahis before the arrival of the Muslims. Many invading forces passed though the city like Alexander the great, Ghaznavi’s and Mughals it was during shersha Suri’s rule that Peshawar became a link between the subcontinent and central Asia when he extended the grand trunk road from Kabul to Dehli (India)
Peshawar regains its glory during the Mughal rule of emperor Baber. He rebuilds the city and the Balahisar Fort in 1530, During the 17th and 18th century Peshawar experienced the rise and fall of many afghan and Pashtun warriors like KHUSHAL KHAN KHATTAK, NADIR SHAH, AHMAD SHAH DURRANI, KAREEM DAD, and other Ghazi’s.

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Peshawar is to be completely encircled by the Peshawar rng road in order to divert traffic from the city’s congested center. Moreover, the Karakoram highway provides access between the Peshawar region and western china and an alternate route to central Asia via Kashgar in the Chinese region of Xinjiang if we come to discuss the major attraction and landmarks of Peshawar there is the Shahi Bagh (Park) which one of the oldest and largest gardens in Peshawar. It is a Mughal-era park in Peshawar city near the Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium and has been a hub for political meetings literary and social gatherings in the city.
The Jinnah park is a park on city road opposite the Balahisar fort. In 2011 the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of hybrid practice constructed a digital fountain in the park and it is a great place to visit for tourists some famous mosques in Peshawar are the Mohabbat Khan Mosque and Qasim Khan Mosque, Peshawar museum and Peshawar zoos are famous all across the country

Moreover, the University of Peshawar was established in the city in 1950, numerous educational institutes, schools, collage, universities are located in this city of flowers Peshawar. At the start of the 21st century, a host of new private-sector universities started working in Peshawar
A spread University of Science and Information technology was established in 2001. While the Shaheed Benazir University was also established for spacially for women in Peshawar.
Some other major attractions in Peshawar include the governor’s house, Peshawar garrison club, Kotla Mohsin Khan, kisakhwani Bazar, and Kapoor haveli.

If we discuss the Kisakhwani Bazar, it was a meeting place of travelers who tow their adventures, it was a specific area and consists of crowded streets.
it’s also good to place for shopping. especially for those who travel from other cities or abroad.
This Bazar is famous for its dry fruits. Some of namely other bazaars of Peshawar are Sadar Bazar, Itwar Bazar, and all, etc.
Some notable people from Peshawar are patriss Bukhari, Famous Cricketer BoomBoom sahibzada shahid khan Afridi, Hashim Khan, Jahangir Khan, Jan Sher Khan, Dilip Kumar, Sharukh khan Anil Kapoor the Bollywood actors.

The most important part of Peshawar local Food is meat which is cooked in the form of tikka, karahi, and dummba. (Gad Lam)
The people there are fond of lamb meat their traditional recipes include the famous chuty Kabap, Toray Kabap, Taru Kabab. chapli kabap.
The chapli kebap is a Pashtun style minced kabab usually made from ground beef mutton or chicken with various spices in the shape of a patty.
In the city of flower its called Peshawri chap Kabap. which is a popular food throughout KPK and another part of Pakistan as well as abroad country.

The Peshawari Chappal which is the most traditional footwear of Pakistan Now just because of the Prime Minister of Imran Khan.
the chappal is the word for flip flops or sandals in Urdu. The Peshawari turban (Party) is the traditional Pashtun style. Its traditionally worn by Muslims but had unfortunately used by the Hindu community. They just copied other traditions.
One of the most popular games is cricket sport in Peshawar. the most renowned stadium of Peshawar is the Arbab Niaz stadium. which is the international cricket ground.
This was all for the major city of Pakistan Peshawar. But many people don’t know about it.

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For many years terrorists blew up in Peshawar but even today Peshawar is a city of flowers and its people live a prosperous life.

Mong you da khyber zalmee pukhto zamonga shan dey.(2)

Monga pukhtana you pa wataan mo zaan qurban dey..(2)

Monga da khyber pa khushko groono ki loey shawee you..(2)

Monga patangaan you da gherat pa shama sawey you

Monga da wataan matee you wataan zamonga zaan dey.

Monga pukhtana you pa wataan mo zaan qurban dey.

Mong you da khyber zalmee pukhto zamonga shan dey

Monga pukhtana you pa wataan mo zaan qurban dey.

Zamonga iradee da tatareena hum ochatee dee.(2)

Pa weeno ki zamonga khazane da gherat pate dee

Monga toryalee you da wataan pa monga gran dey.

Monga pukhtana you pa wataan mo zaan qurban dey

Mong you da khyber zalmee pukhto zamonga shan dey

Monga pukhtana you pa wataan mo zaan qurban dey.

Sok ba pa kherano stargo de wataan ta ogoree

Stargee ba te obaso che de chaman ta ogoree

Zamong pa ewaa chagha larzedale tool jahaan dey

Monga pukhtana you pa wataan mo zaan qurban dey

Mong you da khyber zalmee pukhto zamonga shan dey

Monga pukhtana you pa wataan mo zaan qurban dey.

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