May 10, 2021


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PDM New move-in Punjab, All eyes are on Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi

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These people have to do at home on the situation in Punjab, whether the team of the team can get together with Imran Khan, the government of Punjab can see their number game, see the position of the people who have been released, they have to see and the PML NK is in this position at the moment. After Hamza Shahbaz came out, the big news is that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was thereafter making Noorani successful. There is success in News Life. He is not an educated person but Despite the fact that your people should be given a chance and the conference has been recognized, but if so, it has made me equal to my servant Yousuf Raza Gilani, his son or the people of his government, the people of his party. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has confessed to the crime and Rana Sahib is a Kashmir jihadist or a fraud. He will deliver aid to Khan Sahib. If he comes to the field, he will definitely do it. He will only be reprimanded. If so, this time I was in danger of getting out of those who have left Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf or those who have left Yusuf. Raza Gilani Sahib was voted that Pakistan does not belong to PTI will remember all those who came to contest the election on the badge or to contest the election as a PTI candidate Imran Khan Sahib Has been deceived by his allies and has been deceived by the people of the three political parties of the allies and the leadership of the allies know that it has been deceived and they have paved the way for Yousuf Raza Gilani who is talking about writing 16 people. He has received eight or less. The rest of the people are among his transfer allies who voted for Yousuf Raza Gilani.

He had to take a barrier for his greed. If he has to be retained, he cannot annoy the allies. By saying this you see or you have betrayed me that is why they were demanding betting so as to deceive their allies not to deceive their own people. This is what has happened to you. I will remember that it will be forgotten sometime or other. I have the patience that the parties of three different books have given Imran Khan. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Sahib came to Punjab in the next phase and he has had two important meetings. Another reason is that he has children from Shahbaz. What are they doing to give the impression that they will bring down the government in Punjab and they will bring a new government? Taking advantage of the prayers, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s arrival here, a detailed meeting with Hamza Shahbaz and then Hamza Shahbaz’s way of talking about Jamaat-e-Jab, going to the Chaudhry brothers, meeting them Greed is not brewing.

They will try to please the government. If this position match is not suitable even today, then on Monday. Accident in Central Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan in Pakistan and has a population of 120 million. More than half of Pakistan has to go if the province is taken away. If Khan Sahib had a very limited government then Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had changed. What difference did it make and there is a Kalashnikov minute in Balochistan? What difference did it make? If the first killers could form a government in Punjab and when there was a government in Punjab, they would suffocate in the nose of Imran Khan, adding a lot of trouble to them and they could do something that Imran Khan could not even think of. It was very important for him to study in Punjab, so when he won the election, he was more concerned about how to establish our government in Punjab than Jahangir Tareen. By Amy G won 125 PTIs from Punjab, 121 independent candidates won 30pl because of this and PPP’s KP There was another party whose name is Pakistan Rah-e-Haq Party.

It was Imam Sahib who won from the same Jhang. It was the only one who won from there. It was 297cd. It happens in the general election. After that, she was satisfied that she got an independent candidate. She needed someone to form a Jewish government. Jagir played a very important role in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for three years. She will take the Qaf League with her because she too had come to power. If the family gets more of them, 181 means it will be. If there is no independent candidate with PLN, then their number will remain. 165 8pl Why the PML-Q will get some seats, it will be a problem. A certain area came to him. Another four people of Pakistan Rah-e-Haq Party who are free, are free. The people of NWFP are in power. They are in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) at the moment, but there are 181 members in this coalition. The total number of seats required for the formation is 186, which is the same if both parties to the operation.

In other words, 165 PML-N is with PPP and four independents are also with them. Even then, there are 176. They need ten seats and the Muslim League can decide whose government they had in Punjab. If there should be and should there be PTI, then stand with them, they will bring their picture, it is a reflection, they need five more times and if not, they do not remain in the majority, it will become a problem for them one day when Pakistan Rah-e-Haq belongs to the party when it goes inside the house of Rana Sanaullah. If four men and one party go with these 172 people and why they go in love, then the PTI government would end. Yes, in Punjab, I wanted to tell other things, that I think of Usman Bazdar as a great and noble man, I personally consider him to be a good and noble man. I also mean that he has blessed his own people. It is possible to be generous, but it is the humble person who meets the person in a good way. The friendly person is the one who gives a very good gift, then they are met in a very good way. I have no right to criticize his caste if he is a great man and the same Iqbal who has his mouth shut, but when we talk about Hamza Shahbaz, compared to Shahbaz Sharif’s Usman Bazdar, Usman Bazdar is not corrupt. But Shahbaz Sharif has taken advantage of his power and made a lot of money through his children and they are facing the police these days. Shahbaz Sharif inside Punjab but besides making money, there are many who are afraid. It looks like clean water is a scandal. There is PTCL. There are other channels.

They used to make money. If we do that, it makes us feel that someone feels good that they could not make a petition, they could not get the passion and enthusiasm which was being activated by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The people here are doing it. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is doing it itself. If our Chief Minister comes to Punjab, he will be active, he will be very fast, he will work very fast, he will break and throw away. Then it will be revived. It may not be, but it may be that it begins to move in the direction that Usman Bazdar Sahib has spoken in the nature of fee hold, not the widest of them who were not the face of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf which Pakistan The PTI was hoping. After that, people would spend more and more on the same bond. For example, if you used to invest in Sheikhupura Punjab and mix it with Punjab, then you would invest in Lahore. Lahore was much better or cleanliness would give you many blessings. Lahore’s own poem The system has gone bad. The sanitation system has gone bad. Sri Lanka has gone. Others are not participating. So it was fine in South Punjab or other areas. There has been no pay development. There are some things that have improved. If I am not present, then Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) should have the kind of Chief Minister it should have worked on after Shahbaz Sharif, then Usman Bazdar could not become a character and all the people of PTI say that I am a very good man personally But the time when everyone knows a servant answer that Imran Khan’s servant could not be what he could not be, so the whole PTI did not even wool-like monkeys today is against his party countless well to think Imran Khan knows everyone well. There is no one who makes it. Imran Khan thinks that I will blow up all the other planes or it will disappoint me even more. It was time to do it. Maybe they have done it. The news has been circulating in Pakistan that the Establishment was not happy with Usman Bazaar. By soaking, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Punjab and they advised Khan Sahib whether I can give ghusl to Khan Sahib, but Khan Sahib has maintained his tradition and it is time to clarify Muslims. This political decision was to be made by Khalis Imran Khan. I had the ascension of prophethood among 120 million people. If they wanted to do something new with Usman Bazdar, they could have won.

They had left Shahbaz Sharif behind. That it is not manufactured in such a way that the bridge which is owned by Imran Khan or his problems and other people has not been completed, then where the change is not visible, the change that was being expected from him, the stars of the sky are doing from Punjab. It was said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was being formed. Who is holding you back? He is in the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Behind this, Hazrat Musa will have to consider. Fellow Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) winners will never leave Usman Bazdar, they will never leave. As long as you do not leave, if the infidel Muslims stay with the czar, they will complete five years. Everybody woke up and sat at the party. There is a big dream of polio in Punjab to form a government. Imran Khan has a lot of songs to sing and 22000 come to Punjab. According to him, they do not want the role of Bana. According to him, the Arbaeen Navi project is a big project in Lahore. He is in Punjab. The status quo will end and the difficulties for them will increase a lot and after which Punjab would have all the power that all that power will also go to PTI so Imran Khan will have to be very careful With regard to the party, only your 10 MPAs are decisive now

Think why the caravan will go. If I am cleared by PTI, then they are infidels only and only in the ummah of PTI. That is why the number was standing in front of them. But what do the Chaudhry brothers need? Loyalty to every human being in the hereafter as long as he thinks that he will stand on this side with Pankhri Heeran Khan Sahib. I am talking very seriously but I find it difficult to say as long as you think that Pakistan’s Establishment Pakistan’s army is standing with Imran Khan until he took over this responsibility with the government and continued to benefit and gave so much love to Usman Bazar because the group of his own will does all his work even stops work No, they are making four paise in Punjab. The Chaudhry brothers have been talking for a long time. The biggest man is the one who will take this. I thought that the Establishment is angry with Imran Khan. He will leave the office immediately. Neutralizing himself, he is neither on this side nor on that side. In his head, the Chaudhry brothers have to see where they can get the biggest political advantage. There is a fight to make it easier or Hamza Shahbaz will give them most of the political advantage of Punjab and he wanted to be a bride but he was told openly that in his time I and Shahbaz Sharif got involved. And don’t get this in place now and make Chaudhry Pervez Elahi the top of the ministry, then you can leave Usman Bazdar and go to this camp which is the camp of the P team.

And angry that no one can find an excuse that inflation can rise above that the reader and our hearts can not do our job can not say anything was not talking in Punjab that is not going well They can make excuses but I think at this time as many times as Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s number is very sensitive in his place, he will put a lot of emphasis on PL Depot will put a road above what is eaten and the infidel’s If she decides not to say anything other than what the enemy says about it, then they will do it on the basis of what suits us. The bazaar has a big room. Is he playing openly in Punjab? Can he get the ministry of education? No matter how many MPAs the PML-N has and is strongly against all the Chaudhry brothers within the PML-N. There is a hatred against it which is very old while it is being carried out by the Punjab government. What is the reason that they will be killed innumerable? It is very difficult to go, but it has reached that time and the game is going on. Everyone is running their own fronts and all eyes are on Chaudhry Parvez Elahi. Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has his family. Where to go? Where to go? The fingers are in the ghee and the head is in the frying pan where he made it which will also keep an eye on it and the actor who is in it cannot forget the Jahangir Tareen Sahibdalan part of he was writing from Azad Jammu to PTI If the majority party was formed and its number was increased, then it is also very important. You have to keep an eye on this too and if the public issues are not resolved. Vete and Usman Bazdar did not manage to make their place in the PTI in the same way. What else can he do? This is a big deal and I have already hinted to you that if the coalition parties have deceived Imran Khan in the Senate elections, then Khan Sahib should step in by blowing.


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