May 18, 2021


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Pakistan Warn Public Not To Install Indian Apps

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Do you know of a fake Indian F who can steal your data by putting a virus in your phone? If not, in today’s video you will find an app that can be installed on your phone. In a tweet, the National Information Technology Board (NITB) said that the fake FK of Haran Labib G and 4G, a well-known FK non-resident in Waziristan, had warned all Pakistanis that staying away from it could lead to the theft of your data.

Journalists can use it to use their duplicates and steal data there. It is used to attack Indian viruses as compared to ITV. It is a process during which you but your guests. There is no mistrust, so don’t open it and download any app. Please download it only from Google Play Store, Play Store.

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A US security company had revealed that Modi’s government I am a facilitator who is sponsoring those who are involved in cyberattacks and spying on Pakistani citizens In which he added the names of two other viruses known as Bill which are all but themselves through the fake Android app. Sources say that it is common for them to use attacks in order to gather more evidence of cybersecurity in such incidents. What is needed is an important need to raise awareness among the people across the country.

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