May 10, 2021


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Pakistan Turkey Drone Deal After This Visit

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Pakistan turkey drone
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Pakistan decides to buy modern fighter jets from Turkey Chief of General Staff General Sher Raza visits Turkey

Pakistan’s Chief of General Staff General Qamar Javed arrives in Turkey with a high-level military delegation General Nadeem Raza arrives in Turkey During the visit, a high-level delegation of the Pakistan Army inspected the manufacture of fighter drones and other stages.

It should be noted that the Turkish warplane manufacturer Mati TV has 2,000 types. Manufactures drones Fighter drones manufactured by the same company played a key role in the success of the business,

modern warplanes developed by Azerbaijan were not used in the war and the media suffered the worst defeat. This is the third visit of General Nadeem Raza in two months,

so it has been decided to buy modern drones in the manner of Defense Pakistan.


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