May 10, 2021


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Pakistan Stock Exchange gains 976 points to close at 45,682 points

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Pakistan Stock Exchange has a positive trend. On the first day of the business week, the index has increased by 129 points. The market is trading in 2019 with an increase of 129 points.

The value of the US dollar against the rupee has risen over the course of the week. Five businesses last week saw an improvement in the value of the dollar against the rupee.

The US dollar rose on the second day, nine paise on the third day, and 22 paise on the fourth day. On the fifth day, the US dollar rose another 40 paise.

The three top traded companies were Telecard Limited with a volume of 55,047,000 shares and price per share of Rs16.02, TRG Pak Ltd with a volume of 53,626,309 and price per share of Rs176.17 and Unity Foods Ltd with volume of 26,430,060 and price per share of Rs30.87.


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