May 18, 2021


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Pakistan produces 1.21m cellphones in Jan-Feb | smartphone |

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With the significant reduction in mobile phone colors, Pakistan’s congratulatory assembly has been expanded to 1.2 million manufactured in Pakistan in 2 months of 2021. Of these, 110,000 mobile phones were manufactured and in 2019, according to Pakistan Telecommunications.

As a result of Arabic words, mobile e-mail has increased significantly at night. Have you developed more than 25 million mobile phone devices in military smartphones since it was related? In light of its far-reaching effects, the government has also introduced a comprehensive mobile phone per quintal to attract manufacturers to come to the country. PTI highlighted the recent mobile phone seasonal factory Gojri.

After which mobile device manufacturing applications have started to be created. Will this initiative create more opportunities for love and at the same time, locally manufactured mobile phones will be available to the consumers? Mobile and mobile phones will be launched. Pakistan will be within the reach of consumers. Pakistan remembers that Pakistan belongs to the world Avery Fourteen is the first country to implement open source and the entire TI Ability to classify.

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