May 7, 2021


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Pakistan: No Plans to Recognize Israel. Unless the Palestine issue is resolved

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Our so-called journalist who covered the issues of Pakistani people wanted the good of Pakistan but not now because these journalists saying that Israel is a great and survivor country, Pakistan and Israel Should resolve all their issues together!
Yes, these are the words of a well-known Pakistani journalist who owns get a western property, owns cars, and even their own private plane. I am talking about Mubashir Luqman, a journalist who recently gave an interview to Israeli TV. And all these things he has said
The zealous people of Pakistan must wake up because we are narrating the hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) or these so-called journalists are trying to forget Mubarak hadiths. All Muslims should remember that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) also mentioned the Dajjal
Dajjal’s deception is a lie and this is the system that Israel is running

Dajjal will have Paradise in one hand and Hell on the other hand.
And this is what Israel is doing, it is tempting us, that is, if we look notice today, Our so-called journalist like Mubasshir Luqman is trying to pressurizing us to recognize Israel, which has gained a lot of benefits. This is not just a condom of Saudi Arabia, but a Pakistani.
Pakistan’s private TV channel, Geo News, has been involved in the conspiracy and funded many times in dollars by Israel, India, the USA for many years.
That is why the head of this channel is in jail. His name is Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman. Just watch the interview of another anchor person whom I have mentioned on Israeli TV.
If the Pakistani nation agrees with them then leave the Kashmir issue and forget about the Palestinians issue. I would say that all the boundary lines (LOC) of Pakistan should be open then. The security Institutions should be closed. Pakistan will also get prosperity. Will also come
That is to say, these recommendations are being given to Pakistan which is incompatible with our pure knowledge of Islam and our Holy Prophet (PBUH).
So why is it that our conscious people are silent on the fact that our Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan said in a recent interview that we can never recognize Israel because the founder of our country, Mr. Quaid-e-Azam, said that Israel is West The world has illegitimate children
“Our stance is very clear; as Pakistan will never recognize Israel until Palestinians are given their right of a just settlement.”
And until the Palestinians get their rights and a separate state for them, we can’t even think of recognizing Israel.

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The same interview of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan was broadcast on the website of Israel in which it was stated that Pakistan is going to recognize Israel. A complete lie, A false news reporting just like Indians

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I personally wonder why the religious parties in our country are silent. If we go to the mosque, these Maulvis will make us pray.
But why do these religious parties go out and keep quiet? They are not talking about the Kashmir issue, nor are they talking about Israeli oppression! Do we think that KSA funding them?

The Pakistani government is not directly telling us that we are under pressure from Saudi Arabia and Dubai to recognize Israel, but we can clearly see that.
The pressure is not only from outside countries but also from the traitors in our country. They are also trying to get Pakistan to recognize Israel in any way but the Pakistani Peoples will not allow this to happen.
About two months ago, a secret meeting was held in the NEOM city, some 150 kilometers from Israel, in which the Prime Minister of Israel and Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, met secretly.
According to Israeli officials, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in NEOM, the futuristic techno-city in northwest Saudi Arabia that symbolizes the crown prince’s plans to remake the kingdom’s economy.
On November 17, the Pakistani Foreign Office called the news of US pressure on the Prime Minister to recognize Israel as a fabrication, saying that the Prime Minister had said that Israel could not be recognized until the issue was resolved amicably.

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Regarding the possible recognition of Israel by the Foreign Office, the spokesman said that the Prime Minister had made it clear that Pakistan would not recognize Israel until a just and acceptable solution to the Palestinian problem was found. Can do ۔ ۔ Pakistan has consistently supported the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination

9 to 10 slaves, including journalists, have spoken on Pakistan-Israel relations, calling it a heated debate, trying to prove that Pakistan is in favor of establishing relations with Israel. The numbers are so high that most people are in favor of a rapprochement with Israel.
Journalistic principles, values demanded that the report include the position of the majority of Pakistanis, showing their tweets who do not want to establish relations with Israel. But here Mubashir Luqman’s previous interview has been included in this report and an attempt has been made to show the overwhelming majority of supporters by ignoring yesterday’s tweets of those who oppose the relationship. But here in the report, only one tweet has been taken in this regard.
But the reaction of Pakistani patriots was absolutely opposite and was just infuriated.

The Pakistani majority, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, is in favor of not establishing relations. The method of these people is to do what they think is right, to whom their interests are attached, to sponsor them, to distort the facts for them, to deceive the people with the overwhelming majority. Leaving aside the position, we will cite the opinion of the opponents, which will help the naive nation to believe that our relations with Israel are beneficial.

The main reason for not establishing relations with Israel is Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories and the establishment of an illegitimate state, which is being opposed by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself, and still by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Nowhere is it stated that our main problem with Israel is that these people have only tried to mislead the people by showing interests, that is their plan.
Everyone should get a clear message that the main reason for not establishing relations with Israel is the illegal occupation of the Palestinian land by Israel, the establishment of an illegal state, on which the people of Pakistan are not ready to compromise.
Israel has locked down Palestinians all their life India oppresses Kashmiris the world has not yet seen the atrocity lockdown when food is stopped bombs are raining shot on exit

There is a lot to be said, but expediency does not allow, I will just say that the person who gave Islam to Mujahideen today, in order to remove the financial difficulties and restrictions of Pakistan, accepted ten years imprisonment, did not take out a single activist to protest. It is called for Pakistan to take the life of the enemy, the courage to give his life, in any case, Hafiz Saeed has been fighting for the betterment of this country, who returned to Pakistan, today he is setting the country on fire instead of returning the money to the poor. Someone is drinking lassi worth lakhs, someone has laundered money and built properties abroad if there is a little hardship, conspiracies against Pakistan, attempts to break the civil war, India’s statement, contacts with Israel started, In fact, these are the two families who are pushing Pakistan to the brink of catastrophe in every way, who today want to wage a civil war in the name of democracy.
North Waziristan, Shawal, Pak-Afghan border fence (11.5 feet high double fence), at an altitude of 12000 feet, in the region through effective border management mechanism, demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to peace in the region. To the young men, the whole nation, Islam, once again, those in uniform fulfilled their duty.

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