May 18, 2021


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Pakistan Defeated International Agenda, Malala Expose Targeting For Blacklist

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The poet does not give much importance to the matter but the fact is that Pakistan has changed now Pakistan is no longer afraid of anyone’s father be it America or Israel is aware of Pakistan and every conspiracy against us we will tell you how Pakistan What is the real reason why this sword is being hung on Pakistan? How is Malala being used to bring Pakistan to the blacklist? What are the motives behind Pakistan’s brilliant deeds to get out of the mountains of difficulties for a day on Facebook, they did not understand what accusations you make against Pakistan or such editions? Apply to Pakistan through which Pakistan can be kept in the gray list. Well, the FATF has decided to put Pakistan on the gray list of Jhunka. Pakistan has to bear the loss of billions of dollars because of you. Pakistan has lost 38 38 billion due to the stay and England has put Pakistan on the gray list till June. Or has the American people started using their Muharram to keep it in?

You see how Ihsanullah Ihsan created a fake account to threaten Malala Yousafzai in which tweeted that Ihsanullah Ihsan in Pakistan Malala Yousafzai has been threatened with death,
But the ihsaan tweet is now unavailable.

Now she tweeted that it was done on an occasion that is keeping a close eye on the allegations of terrorism against Pakistan which was also deliberately carried out by Malala Yousafzai. I am trying to prove to malala people that even today no action is taken against terrorists in pakistan i send a curse on all such people who say that pakistan supports terrorists should be ashamed All those who say that Pakistan is supporting terrorism are blamed on Pakistan which has lifted nearly eighty thousand bodies which has caused billions of dollars in losses for a war whose milk is from Pakistan. There was no connection. Pakistan was deliberately put on the gray list Coming You may not know that Pakistan has suffered a loss of ارب 80 billion to date due to being on the gray list and now to wait until June, Pakistan will have to bear another loss of billions of dollars 200 American and Jewish lobbies The next level game in FAT has started to be played against Pakistan. The United States has given a bag message to Pakistan as long as Pakistan will not obey the United States until Pakistan backs away from taking the side of China. The sword will continue to hang because the United States knows that if Pakistan is liberated from favorites in the current situation, then Pakistan will be completely out of the hands of the United States. Remember me, this sword will continue to hang on Pakistan and according to sources on Pakistan. This sword will somehow remain in place after June because the US forces will not leave Afghanistan after which the situation will get worse. The US will once again find an excuse and thus the US will start blaming Pakistan. Will give that pakistan is supporting afghan fighters so stay in pakistan for now Blake should be kept in it so that terrorism can be eradicated even though the situation is quite different. Two questions also arise here that the International Day for Human Rights Violations against Pakistan has declared Pakistan a supporter of terrorists. By doing so, it is added to the glass. Millions of farmers and communities are being massacred in India. This terrorism is not visible to anyone there. It was against India. There has been silence that these double standards have been followed. One thing to keep in mind is that other major security agencies, whether it is the UNO or the G7 countries, all work under the auspices of the US and Israeli lobbies and believe that only their own decisions are on the plate. Malala is making statements against Pakistani security agencies justifying that Pakistan should not be freed from the gray list at the moment. Pakistan is being punished only because Pakistan Does not believe in peace has given a clear message in pakistan whether it is gray list or black list we are not going to bow down to anyone 20 0 France had already voted against Pakistan, the Muslim leader, not to free Pakistan from the gray list. In the meeting held in September this year, Pakistan was put on the gray list by the FATF. It was decided at the meeting that Pakistan would be kept on the gray list till February 2019 due to non-implementation of six of the 27 recommendations proposed to Pakistan by the G-I-Monopoly. To prevent the financing of extremists, 40 recommendations have been made since the date of the FATF, and in view of the implementation of these recommendations, the member countries will be included in the gray or black list in 2018 when Pakistan is on the gray list. Pakistan’s financial system and laws were found to be in accordance with 37 out of 40 of the FATF, while Pakistan was given one year to implement the 27 recommendations. Only 14 recommendations could be implemented so Pakistan has been given more time till October 220 to meet the remaining three recommendations. Implementation can be done, but the FATF meeting in October 2010 called the implementation of 60 directives unsatisfactory and identified four areas in which more work could be done. Additional time was provided till 2019. This time the meeting considered four key points regarding Pakistan, whether Pakistan’s security agencies are taking effective action against terrorists or not. Whether or not the UN list lists terrorists and their supporters should be banned in order to prevent them from raising funds and freezing their assets by identifying them.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry while talking to media said that Pakistan is and will remain committed to fully implement India’s recommendations and for this Pakistan has made strenuous efforts. He further said that he hoped that the FATF would continue to make decisions on the basis of merit and the efforts made by Pakistan would be appreciated. At present, 18 countries of the world are on the FATF gray list. It is also on a blacklist that still includes the two countries, Iran and North Korea, but the countries in it could face various global economic sanctions, as well as loans from international institutions. The supply chain can also be stopped on the same basis. Now if the FATF meeting decides without the pressure of marriage, then Pakistan would have come down to the full standard.

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