May 7, 2021


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Pakistan China Russia Block To Stabilise West Asia

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Pakistan, Russia, and China can jointly stabilize West Asia. Pakistan and they are both emphasizing the economic situation under the greatness of practicality, and when it comes to Pakistan-Pakistan cooperation, the Council is known for its regional interests and global politics.

The event, hosted by Wagon R along Pages Pakistan’s Division Street, was attended by Pakistani Ambassador to Russia Shafqat Ali Khan Road, former Pakistani Ambassador Qazi Khalilullah, and former Pakistani Ambassador Tariq Usman along with Arif Kamal and other dignitaries.

The articles also included Russian-Pakistani manna on how Ambassador Khan is using confidence on the water level, while former ambassador Haider on Wednesday also quoted a report on Paro’s birthday in the National in which he made some suggestions.

It was suggested by its former ambassador Kamal that Pakistan and China should jointly strengthen their diplomatic activities in West Asia in order to improve the prospects for normalization of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

I think Khalil will be very successful In March 2020, Rigg and the FBI released a report on the security breaches in the Middle East, Russia, Pakistan, and the Gulf. The story of the film,

however, is encouraging anyway, where he spent 25 years with Iran. The Logan Partnership Agreement, which will allow the People’s Republic of China to invest a total of 400 400 billion from the Islamic Republic of Iran, will lead to more economic collapse than a clear strategy.

Under which Pakistan, along with Russia and China, and other West Asia, can play their part in further stabilizing them.


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