May 18, 2021


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Pakistan and Muslim Ummah aims to fight Islamophobia via Quran education

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Pakistan and Muslim Ummah aims to fight Islamophobia via Quran education
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What is happening in the world at the moment can be done in the name of Islamic phobia and this is a big question for the Muslim youth, for the Islamic movements, for the people, for the Muslims, for the Prophet Muhammad. There is an invasion of Western civilization and of Western powers and governments and their combined forces. If they are to be confronted by the Muslims at this time, we cannot go beyond that. If you want us to go, the first point is And they are the most basic point and they are one of them so we should not care about ourselves so we should promote in this world. The first thing is that the call of Islam is just a point that Islam is a complete code of life They give instructions about all spheres of life, but it is also a great fact that humanity in the world is suffering as much as humanity is suffering from the economic crisis. Civilization is suffering from moral decay. Suicides are taking place in the world, including their children, and at the moment there is a massive collapse in the world, which is on the verge of collapse and humanity is on the brink of a catastrophe. There is a system in the world that has established humanity as a whole. It has taken human civilization in such a direction that the survival of humanity is its welfare. Its welfare is none other than Islam. At this time, the whole humanity of the world needs people to follow the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who have declared the benefactor of humanity and the mercy of the worlds as Allah, the Lord of the worlds. If survival is to be achieved then this is the very basic point of our call to Islam and from this point, the success of the whole human civilization is returned and from this point, the whole of human civilization survives nor does it seek to wipe you out in human history. The first point is that here, otherwise, we have to do. Islam is a complete code of life, so Islam is the solution to all the problems of the world.

The only solution is to come close to Islam. People will not come close to Islam, then the world is the system and the destiny of human beings is nothing but destruction and ruin. Q. There will be more Muslims and non-Muslims fighting against Muslims who are shelling against Muslims and in this world, we have seen people fighting against Muslims and tires. Killed Muslims in Islam, but when the truth of this religion became clear, they accepted Islam. There are people in the General Assembly who were going to oppress Muslims, but they were influenced by the conversations of Muslims and converted to Islam. Accepted means that the call of Islam is not the only thing in the world that will tell you people and testify to the fact that it needs to be taught in it. Dude, all the participants are less than Muslims, but we need this awareness. Maulana Maududi (may Allah have mercy on him) wrote in his book about the two days of teaching Da’wah in the world. If there is no option of walking on them and humanity can move towards betterment, then the first thing is that people should accept this invitation. Reaching and we ourselves came from the payments. The second thing is that what is in Islamabad at the moment and whatever the dominant civilization and whatever it is It is good that the organization is growing.

Some things are visible, but the state has all the world powers. The governments of the countries that are engaged in this effort cannot resist the idea of ​​forming a party and forming an organization. There are soldiers who fight against it, stop people from evil, call people to goodness and stop people from evil, so what is the rule of Islam, the rule of Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the rule of the Messenger of Allah, that religion is not without collectivism. The Jamaat does not belong to the Jamaat The new Amir without the Amir does not come without an explosion The ruling means that the Muslims will have an organization in the world to fight it and it will not make sense to form a Jamaat group You have to make who you can and can’t compete with and if there are such organizations then set yourself up with them you associate yourself with them from your head so for that We will be working as much as we can to counter Western propaganda and to spread the message of our religion to the people. The second most important need to convey is that if we want to fight it, Muslims must organize themselves. Muslims must disappear in such a way that they are united above the level of organization. Do something to counter it and if you look at the other side of it, you will find that it is very drunk. A large number of Muslims are being persecuted, massacres are being committed and abuse is taking place.

There is an atmosphere of despair, but the most important thing to counter it is the hope that you have been told that the time to come to go into the world, the dominance of Islam, Allah Almighty in the Qur’an, that British India was dominated by India, they are even worse than the situation in which Allama Iqbal had said that the sky will be the mirror of the light of dawn and darkness will find the mercury of the night, what the eye sees can not come to the lips. I wonder what the world will be like. Poetry is poetry. Compared to this, there is a place of hope within the ordinary Muslim. Look at the time to come. He said that the supremacy of Islam is based on the hadiths of Hazrat Muslim Jihad.

He spoke and the people told him in the Qur’an that if people follow this call, then Allah Almighty will give you the dominance of the world If you are defeated, you will change your condition and make it a superpower of the world. This is the hope that would have been a great support, and they are the masters of the heavens and the earth and the universe by Allah. No matter and this is his promise that he will change the situation, so this is a great weapon to fight Islamophobia, to serve as an invitation to the believer for the believer, he is to give this hope to his hope He said that Muslims should have a political strategy to fight this Islamophobia and they should have the call of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Is the life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) How did he leave the disbelievers and the polytheists in one place and suspend all of them? Let us co-operate and co-exist in these matters and we will support each other.

The two met And whatever we do, we will support each other and help each other in all these matters. As a result, the door of the invitation was opened for the polytheists as well. This is a strategy that Muslims have to make in order to fight Islamophobia so that we can have a message for the whole world that we can take with them. Maybe their worries are theirs which are their social problems but what if they have been better than you and I can agree and for that we should all do our own thing whether they are Jews, Hindus Or followers of any religion, we made an introduction as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) deleted it as a joke in Madinah, which made it easier to carry out this invitation and reach the people. You have the fifth strategy, the ability to cope with it is that trials will come, difficulties will come, you will face troubles, Allah says in the Qur’an: “I will surely test you with hardships and trials for fear of life and property, but if you face it, We will grant you success as a result of the hardships that befall the Muslims in this world. How to deal with it All and sundry is the name of the thing is that you quit your job Your invitation is not to fail to fill the body hospital that you are working Do not leave you After failing your Fear of work is what makes these failures fail so realize that they have to give it up and endure the trials but the point is that individual morals and character tell you in such a strong thing that the moonlight you But if your neighbor is a friend of yours who works with you he is influenced by your morals and character then he is not talking about the whole world I said no I will tell you then I understand that there is a great guideline for every Muslim who has been brought into Muslim society. No, he said: There are three things, that which is cut off from me, that which deprives me of it, give it to me, and that which abuses me, I forgive it. It is above the level. It creates such a strong morality and character, it creates such a great force that even your worst enemy will be met, so it is as a whole that those who preach Islam who speak with their tongues are our character and as much as ours.

He will have a strong character so much that he will be able to present the meaning of Da’wa of Islam that I will tell you that one of the companions of Imam Jaffar Sadiq contacted him and told him that he wanted to do the work of Da’wa and preaching. You must do it, but you have to try and use your own language because preaching is done through character. If it is a character, then people will not come close to the call of Islam. If it is present inside you, then you will also say that people are yours. The role of invitation is to create Muslims within oneself. The collective role of the ummah is also our individual role. There is an expression of all these things with my neighbors, with my neighbors, with those who work in my office. I think in the heart of all this wisdom and the last thing that Islam has become a strategy to control women in which I am working. We are doing business on a Saturday for a single sales, so the best way to do business is to go. If we go, we can’t do the best way for our medical faculty. There is no one who is a janitor. But Islam commands our perfection. Islamabad Excise Office creates the router of Islam. What is it? Whatever you do, it has to go above the very top standard.

It doesn’t work in the way of video. People created the best stop of the time and they were born in the same society, so when does it happen when people strive for excellence, what is the purpose of their life, in whatever field you become a professional in your field? Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. You must go home and exercise, and that will be when you realize that what you are looking for is the key to success in this world and the next. The cause and this is the thing I will tell you that in the hearts of those who create the call of Islam creates the popularity of the call of Islam, what happens then people, people because of your morals and your character Tell me how you are, you are affected by it and as a result, people come closer to your religion and if you look at the whole history off, people are very impressed by the invitation. No, but the role of the Muslim who was to offer the da’wah affected the people against him, and as a result, Islam spread as we saw that the whole of the region, Malaysia, Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world today. No army of Muslims has ever gone, no army of Muslims has ever gone, no effort has ever been made by Muslims, Muslim traders have arrived, people have arrived, they have worked there, they have done business there, but they have set an example of morality and character. As a result, you will see that the whole of Indonesia and Malaysia is a very big center of Islam at the moment. It is very big. Believe me, we are big people with Tek Singh Islam. Then what is it that was the whole invitation to the whole subcontinent, Pakistan and India? The way the saints conveyed the call or the call to Islam reached within Africa or Central Asia, it is the government of morals and character that earns with your call to work with patience. Living with marriage and creating excellence in your field as a result It is very easy to counter Islamophobia all over the world. There is no better neighbor than them. There is no better friend than a Muslim. A Muslim is no one to help in a difficult situation. There is no one to help him. Not the man you work with, then this morality and character is something that should be the culmination of our strategy to gnash one’s teeth, to have mercy on someone in the world who is currently struggling to cope with Islam. He said that the era of Khilafah will come, then the era of the monarchy will come, then there will come the era of oppression which they have been paying for many centuries, but after that at least the word of Khilafah has come So I think we are close to that time and it is not far off when Allah Almighty will revive Islam and knowledge in this world again and the whole world is realizing that Muslims Needs to realize this and prepare itself because Allama Iqbal said that read the lesson again, the court of truth It will be taken from you. The task of leading the world is the responsibility of the Muslims. It is the responsibility of the Muslims to prepare themselves for this task. And those Muslims who are going through a great ordeal will come out of it but will be able to bring us a message for the people of the whole world that the whole world of humanity One will walk on the path of goodness, goodness in this world and they will be happy in the life of this world and there will be success in the hereafter. To counter this which is very important and fundamental is that many things that Muslims You have been doing it for centuries. It is a great source of our strength. Although Maghrib has no objection to it. You offer prayers but there is no objection to it. You fast but there is no objection to it. And do Hajj, but there is no objection to it, but the whole objection to the whole expense of your political Islam to become the religion of the whole world of Islam and accept the Islam of the whole world, but God is useful in the Lord of the worlds In the light of the hadiths, we need to continue the work that we are doing at the individual level. It was not a fight against Islamophobia that we started doing something other than prayers, but we started praying on our own. To improve one’s relationship with the Qur’an, to improve one’s fast, to improve one’s actions. Because these are all the means that will strengthen your faith that you love that will do what to fight it.

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