May 18, 2021


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PAF Buying J-10C? J-10C Model With Interesting Serial Number Spotted at PAF Base

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A photo of a model of lightweight fighter aircraft is circulating on social media. This interesting photo was taken from Pakistan Air Force Base Masroor. The interesting thing about this model is that it has a Pakistani serial number, Pakistani flag, and even band on it. It is also written that your loss is that the fight of Pak Air Force is real and it is present at Masroor base all day. Tell us about it that it has won 22 awards so far including seven-star courage five distinction certificates. Sitara Basalat Urdu Tamgha Basalt has been flying Miraj planes for days now and from this model, it seems that PAF has made the final head that they are going to GT Road Muridke but officially this thing has not been admitted yet. Not as we said in the first video that it has been running since 2009 but when Pakistan started working on the pharmaceutical production of JF Seventeen Thunder it was not considered but since when India has bought Raphael planes So the talk of buying G-Ten has started again, especially in September when the Indian media made a fuss that Pakistan’s November 13 team would be bought on October 22. The deal has been finalized. Surprisingly, after some time, the sex lovers come to participate in the Shaheen Nine Exercise at PAF Base Bolari. There is no marking and no identification number. Shortly after the end of this exercise, this model also emerges which is circulating rapidly on social media and the funny thing is that the party which has

This is the model that the old Meraj is flying my darling and they also have the news of the country of Mirage planes by 2022 ie if the Pak force wins then they will take the place of Meraj and of course, in the thinning Shaheen Nine exercise, The scale is well tested because in this exercise a large number of aerial batteries were oriented and more than two hundred extremes were flown from both sides that we thought Pakistan would not win because Pakistan’s weird C1 block three Is coming which is on par with him but with such gestures, it seems that Pak Air Force has decided and Pak Air Versus is rapidly upgrading and expanding its fleet. Once it is confirmed that it is buying a Pakistani plane, we will talk to the export sex picture details of this plane.

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