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Origins of the Taliban

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at the height of the Soviet-Afghan war about 6 million flirts abroad while the men stayed behind to fight the refugee kids would later be indoctrinated by Pakistani clerics and turned into the Taliban A decade later drive on youngsters who returned home to fulfill their zealous goals for an Islamic state so let’s talk about the social revolution of the soviets had brought overwhelming military superiority to the field of tanks chats at every make quick work of the anther government forces helped the Mujahideen however regardless of how many battle and its one they were losing the fight as a whole the Mujahideen had no Central command no unified organisation to speak of and decentralized nature methods there was no way to negotiate a diplomatic solution they never engaged in fit battles fighting only in areas where they had the tactical advantage the growth of Fighters quota for strike at will and recruited into the mountains Sofia thanks and armored vehicles could not pursue into the elevated areas because the passengers were uncharted even Soviet Jets were ineffective because the Mujahideen use the fly patterns of birth by an early warning system

when our large group of birds book flight the guerrilla fighters new something was up and talked shelter beforehand so we were fighting ghosts and in most Encounters they found themselves at menurut in the early phase of the conflict the Soviet Army was mostly planting at rocks entered in this type of combat nearly all of the Soviet weaponry was useless all but one the mule 24 gunship its Tech armour could withstand High Court of small arms while it who were out of the Year like an angel and talked down enemy combatants with its large Rotary Canon however once the Americans supply the Mujahideen with singer surface-to-air missiles it was game over the economics was set at singer cost of $40,000 to produce volume 24 gun shop at a price tag of 10 million and soon enough the afghans with taking down one or two helicopter is a day with these new weapons from the armchair historian made a video on that server subject I should one if you want to see how these weapons were later turned on the Americans had over to my video 2001 inflation and would you can find on the answer history and channel thanks Griffin by 1985 the service leadership in the story The the war effort was on Sustainable yet as difficult it was the fighter Mujahideen with the new weapons it was even harder to identify them since still looked like other afghans from the countryside and most of the Mujahideen troops were just farmers and presents clever David fighting the soviets Never ploughing the field arranging marriages and going about their daily lives sensing their strategic dilemma Soviet military singers came up with you radical new Talking since the guerrilla Fighters and scans from the countryside were indistinguishable of work to be treated as an important a planet of mass Exodus was devised by none other than Nobel Peace Prize winner mihail gorbito in the preceding years complete villages for bombed industrial sites for shutdown livestock was gunned down from the year scattered of performance and Salon many of these landmines are still there making aeroplane land a precious resource in just the first year of this Delhi new doctor in oven million of cancer perhaps the most cruel list that it was the Soviet toy mine it was specifically designed to attract children but it was only strong and of the main them the science behind this was that injured families would not table of putting up for the resistance it was that kind of War ultimate objective was the force the population into the urban areas which the soviets that control gobble triangulation nearly tripled but most afghans modern 6 million flutter home and two neighbouring Pakistan and Iran children makeup it is national park of the refugees remember this case because one day they will return the refugees power but not whole families women children and elderly people left their homes while the men who stayed behind to defended whoever was of fighting age was given a rifle and pointed towards the direction of the foreign enemy by scans were familiar with combat but this level of genocidal Warfare was not even seen before for afghans this was no longer a war against the foreign invasion of the fight for survival as families were torn apart Afghanistan became Island absence of women and children this was a significant turning point as patriarchal as African culture is family ties temper the macha behaviour men with tough

but they would also intuitively display signs of private section generosity and protection disconnected from their families for a year can fighters became emotionally disturbed most of the Mujahideen fighters found themselves in the Solar company of other adult men in some of the harshest conditions imagine able war can I watch men Afghanistan exchange Millions in Pakistan Institute of organised fundraisers collected weapons and were created volunteers to fight alongside the 10 in Afghanistan Union of more than 80 factions emerged claiming to be fighting for Holi calls the inter-services intelligence or ISI for short term cold of the situation prior to this the ISI had been 12 smoke layer in Pakistani politics but with the massive resources from the United States and Saudi Arabia to fund the Afghan war effort the ISI quickly Rose to the top of Pakistan’s political food chain the ISI distributed money weapons and fallen typewriters to its favourite Pakistani based groups which then centres across the border into Afghanistan each of the Pakistani train the Mantle of leadership and each tried to prove their devotion to the act and caused by taking more radical Islamic narratives of the war in Afghanistan dragged on the Pakistani groups token increasingly lawless attitudes were more extreme than the other until extremism was the new normal for the Afghan Mujahideen by 1988 the Soviet war machine could be no more and treated their abandoned after uncommon a stylized towards the government in Kabul restaurant try to reach AP still but it was to no avail too much blood happens build and without Soviet support the Kabal government had no leverage for negotiations were still in of Soviet military hard to hold out a fight but in 1992 things eventually fell apart the Mujahideen forces in closed on Kabul and overthrew the common is leadership

However once in Kabul had included into blouse with one another is started occupying different parts of the city and fired thousands of Rockets on each other the Carnage report Kabul apart half of the city was reduced to rubble a similar Fate by in the other cities were competing Mujahideen forces turn their Rifles against one another and forth to solidify their Holdings essentially what the soviets that the countryside they ask and it today cities and soon enough Chaos in Gulf Afghanistan as Mini serving the mains emerged all across the country all of which erected by points on what remained of the roads remember those kids who invented earlier who fled their homes 2 3 Sofia the population strategy well the years have not been kind to them by growing up in Refugee camps is not childhood most of these kids have no father figures and how they knew was powered a whole generation of African kids grow up in these scams by only one way to escape Pakistani mattresses receiver religious schools that provide free education it gave the kids some sense of normality routine and something they could look forward to the schools run by tracks and certainly islamist parties in Pakistan and were closely connected to the ISI that funding mostly came from the web ATI Saudi families more than 2000 search by dresses operated in Pakistan badhiya scan border and then estimated to have the tires and children enrolled in this course now you can see where this is going the refugee kids were Virtually cut off from the world news and indoctrinated into the Wahabi fate the students for medical leave that they were destined to rescue the world from Evil and evil constituted anything that was not familiar to them many of these my process also for combat helps in addition to religion saw their students could go and fulfill the apocalyptic Naresh please students became the taliban

The word Talib and is the plural word for the student in Arabic in the afternoon city of Kandahar Italy Band lyrics by the name of Mulberry outlet a group of youngsters to take over some districts from other Mujahideen groups for the locals this welcome change many of the smaller Mujahideen groups to extortion harassment and prosecution for the taleban youngsters our rapists vahan thieves lost Limbs and other criminals were dealt with accordingly at the time for many afghans the taleban may have seemed like bringers of stability when compared to the old Mujahideen the events in Kannada hard copy of the Pakistani security services and soon enough we ISI provided the open coming Thali born with arms funding and additional training by 1994 the taleban the calculated in checkpoint dscam Pakistani border allowing for girls to reach the African markets prices were allowed to since there were no more tolls next 31 completely thakurer gaan the her and came in possession of artillery thanks helicopters radio equipment and not to mention hundreds of truck lots of guns and ammunition and money meanwhile across the border Pakistan open the gates of the Afghan Refugee camps allowing the taleban students to pour into Afghanistan initially afghans welcome the taliban by does civilians lived on the Faithful I of the Mujahideen thugs of Cancer ICD 10 code for severe and the taleban to fill that role following can anyone from cities such as Ghazni Vardha gallagher and others by 1995

The city of her art and were headed towards the capital Kabul in late September 1996 residence of Kabul founders treats being controlled by a young man with black terminates the taleban look as foreign as the Russians the spot the difference dialect were educated in a faraway land and descended from the refugee families from the Midnight Meat is as soon as the taleban settled into the seat of power reality sunken women for hands for you to take part in the public life thieves would lose Limbs music films and even photos were banned the others were turned into marks video stars were burnt down and TV sets were smashed gambling was also that were Forbidden Re celebration of non Islamic festivities was criminalized and even tradition left and Customs status kite flying was prohibited every man and woman had to work holding according to the mandates of Sharia periods become mandatory to mein and anyone caught not printing at designated as would be punished Afghanistan became a totalitarian state much of the world turns a blind eye to the activities of the taleban 12 sleep because the events in Eastern Europe the president’s American policymakers know little about the taleban and many believe that they would eventually devolve into a state much like Saudi Arabia as far as the Lighthouse was concerned it was business as usual this sentiment quickly changed in 1998 won a French Arab African which had been group called al-qaida declared war against the United States us lawmakers record of their Pakistani topics to look into the situation by this time however Pakistani sat lost their influence of the taleban in fact it turned out that the promotion of Pashto chauvinism endangered the territorial integrity of Pakistan the political Architects of the ISI heartfelt anticipate this social evolution moreover many of a lowering ISI agents had worked for years with the taleban partners and had grown personal sympathies in practice these ISI agents were as much as Pakistani Patriots as they were members of the taleban the Pakistani leadership recognise that they had created in Monster the infection of the NISM had already affected the lower ranks of the ISI and the government in Islamabad refrain from taking any action against the Taliban fear that the lower ISI agents but this obey the orders possibly even coming into this turn of events Granth the taliban if freehand by Taliban NISM v a pastoral chauvinism overran the integrity of the afternoon Pakistan border now do whatever it pleases the Rival Mujahideen leaders have assassinated the sixth century Buddha Statues Of Birmingham were destroyed and molar mass of the Taliban delivered a Stark warning to the prime minister of Pakistan.

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