May 18, 2021


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NTS Teaching Test Preparation Material, SST CT, DM, PST, General Science MCQs

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Teaching Jobs test including SST, CT, DM & PST required proper understanding and conceptual study of all subjects included in syllabus. But time is very short now; most of the students are worry about covering these subjects.

Tweetasm provides you every important Notes/MCQs of each chapter/topic of all subjects, so get benefit from this quality and most relevant material to obtain maximum marks in the tests.

Science composition in each post test

CT: 20% Science

PET: 20% Science

DM: 20% Science

PST: 20% Science

Class 4th Human Body Parts and its function in detail


Class 6th Geography
Chapter #1 EARTH


Complete History Of Mughals Listory-Of-Mughul

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