May 7, 2021


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Modi’s brutal treatment & Committed ‘strategic blunder in Kashmir: The Conflict of Kashmir

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Modi’s RSS-inspired doctrine depriving Kashmiris of right to self-determination

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Kashmir is one of the most disputed places on earth. over the course of 70 years its been occupied by half of million Indian troops. and for 70-years Kashmir is a conflict between Pakistan and India. But focusing on these two countries can up secure really at stack. The voice of Kashmir is of a card ambitious cycle of violence.


 Whenever there is a conflict between Pakistan and India. Kashmir always the battleground. Kashmir is a disputed area neither belongs to Pakistan nor India.
But the majority population of Kashmir is Muslims. and they want to be apart of Pakistan.
There always uncertainty you never know what is going to happen in Kashmir
 It can be Hartaal (protest). It can be Strike. Anybody can be killed at any time by Indian troops. Kashmir is a mess and they being affected directly and indirectly.

Kahmir Issue

Kashmiris People

Kashmir is one of the most strategic places on the earth when three powerful countries collied (India, Pakistan, China)
In Aksai, Chin-Chain took that place shakgam valley. from Pakistan
India controlling all over Jammu and Kashmir and lay claim to more Kashmir region is at the center of a brutal conflict over these disputed borders. So it’s important to start when they were being drawn.

Modi terrorist
Kashmir Under siege

In the mid 100s, India was a patchwork of several hundred provinces and prince state under British rules.
A century later, When British India won independence, the British left & has decided to split the region into two these areas would be a new Muslim majority country called Pakistan. And the other side they would be the most Hindu, But secular called India.

The partition was bloody amid the chaos, some princely states were given the choice to join either country. In most cases, the ruling monrachs followed the will of their people but This state called Jammu and Kashmir was different. It was ruled by Hindu moncared when Hindu zionist brutality was at peeks.

The Pakistani tribes called Pashtoon. were decided to join this fight in Jammu and Kashmir. they cleared the point at which Jammu and Kashmir will be apart of Pakistan.
Thus That time ruler Maharaja Sang asks from the Indian government for help to send milliaries to Kashmir.
That war is called the first INDO-PAKISTAN war in Kashmir.
And then after this brutality India game. India immediately goes to the united nation security council.
The United Nations security council brokered a ceasefire in 1949s which established this line with Poonch controlling by Pakistan and India will another side until Kashmiris decided to self-determination.
But till now India wents against the UNSC yet.

Pakistan urged that the Kashmir Muslims-Majority population rightfully belong to them. and Kashmir’s majority want it too.
while India insisted that Kashmir was handed over to them by the Hindu-moncharch. So both double down and added Kashmir to their constitution.
“The vote was never held”

In 1965s the second India-Pakistan war broke out in Kashmir. thousand of peoples were killed between the huge armies on both sides.
A cease-fire ended the war but didn’t change Kashmir lines. Kashmir was kept occupied by India.

Another war broke out in the 1971s, Now this time focus wasn’t on Kashmir. It was in the east.
Pakistan which is now called Bangladesh.
And the situation was different. Finally, Pakistan lost half of Pakistan.
That half Pakistan Pakistan region becomes a new country called Bangladesh.

This made Kashmir more important than ever. it becomes one of the most militaries place, tanks, artillery, and million of soldiers their- called line of control (LOC).

Indian army atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir

This is the reality that the Indian army forcibly keeping Kashmir in its territory.
They are using pallet guns, even on teenagers, and recently an eighteen-year-old girl from south Kashmir’s Shophian district named Hiba
Who was hit by pallets which are used by Indian armed forces.
Now she might never get back her sight.
Not only her but also a small baby girl she is the youngest victim of pellet guns.

But scores of civilians have been blinded by Indian army’s usage of pallet guns just only for demanding their self-determination and independence.
Indian govt specially the RSS Modi and the Indian army’s maintained that pallet guns are used for pro-freedom protestors, that is Kashmiris who want freedom from Indian’s they just want to self-determination Not that is an acceptable justification by any means but how the hell Indian army hit a child. were they a threat to your bloody India national security?
were they throwing rockets at you?
these children just in her mother’s arms when Indians army lead pallets placed their eye.
How India justify that in united nation general council
How the FATF accepts that.
How the entire community accepts that.

India is killing people of Kashmir with so much brutality and insanely across both sides of borders. This thing is showing the true face of India.

Modi is a terrorist bjp
Modi’s RSS-inspired doctrine depriving Kashmiris of right to self-determination

If anybody talking about the right of Kashmir for self-determination from any corner of the world their account will be blocked on social media.

And the RSS lobby has completely supported by the western world. nobody wants to getting attention to Kashmir. The BJP Modi the ideology of RSS forcedly locked the Kashmiri’s in their homes. the Indian army brutality is at peek now. they using pallet guns at children’s women’s. there are 14 fourteen thousand boys were picked up. Their parents don’t know where his children kidnapped.


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