May 7, 2021


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Miracle Happened!! Muhammad Ali Sadpara Found Alive | Latest Updates About K2 Mission

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Muhammad ali sadpara
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Imran Khan and General Bajwa issued a big order for the rescue operation. A great miracle of nature has taken place. Let the prayers of the nation come to fruition. The spiritual leader of Muhammad Ali Sadpara made the whole nation great. The good news is that the airline’s agency has taken a big step. A major search operation of the Pakistan Army is underway. Such evidence was found in the satellite images and the channel base has also been made. The next 48 hours are very important. For great Pakistan, it has become a panic, the greatest miracle of which is that the whole nation is engaged in the same work at that time, and that is the work. For Muhammad Ali Sarkar, we are now informing you of what is being expressed at this time. The whole Pakistani nation that is and a new ray of hope has emerged has been working with the veil to find the missing climbers are working together with the search for redirect Baloch on the road are like modern The system can get an inch of information on the height of the mountain, Microsoft Office can find the height of the helicopter If possible, this technology is very useful there.

According to the statement, it is possible that the climbers have built a subcontinent and if there is a shelter facility in it, then it can be kept alive. Additional information can be obtained from the climbers. In terms of equipment, the time and place of climbing the mountain are also being prepared so that you know that before you go on a journey to any place in the world, you should be prepared for any sudden calamity that may befall you. They leave only after arranging the children and God forbid, in case of an accident today, the second lottery of your loved ones and relatives will come to your aid, but if the place of this accident is the valley of death. If it is located at an altitude of more than 8,000 meters on the given mountains, then it would have slept. Thankfully, the families of the three who went missing on prayers for Muhammad Ali Sadpara announced that the station would continue. Tireless technology is being used to search for Kardia, with the help of which they can now search where helicopters could not reach, nor the Pakistani who tried to climb the world’s second-highest mountain K2 in winter. According to the three climbers, our embassy was cut off from 20 counts and their families from Friday, and all attempts to trace them since Saturday have failed. The search continued for three days after the weather deteriorated. According to Imtiaz Ali Taj, spokesperson of the provincial government, the search could not start even today due to bad weather. He said that it was decided to search for 8,000 meters and above. -130 will be used but the next day that weather conditions They are not allowing it. According to Saifullah Qila Saifullah, the ground search is not possible in this season, and aid workers are also Sikandar Yar, but they are not allowed to go further in this season. It is requested from the village that there is a famous lake with such a name. Muhammad Ali bathes with his name in this village where many questions have arisen about the search process of Ali Khan and his associates. Also circulating on social media is what might have happened to them with the climbers and what happened to the search operation in Pakistan and so far the Chinese climber is a better alien animal. On February 5, they went to head to K2, but when they reached the most dangerous stage, Sajid Iqbal’s oxygen cylinder malfunctioned, which he had to stop, while the other three have also understood when to return to the four. He waited for his father and colleagues but the change was made hours later and dozens of operations are going on but he said that he could not find out. When Nanga Parbat was killed during the winter, Aap Science Magazine published a special report on him. This article highlights the journey of Muhammad Ali Sadpara from love to becoming a nation. His mother breastfed him at the age of six and kept him away from other unhealthy foods. After that Muhammad Ali Sadpara became a man of strong soul and strong nerves but the story behind this love of his mother is something else Sadpara was born on February 2, 1976, into a family of eight children. He passed away. When Muhammad Ali Sadpara was born, his mother, who had buried eight children at an early age, saved him from every ups and down.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara himself told the organization that my mother’s milk has given me the strength to climb mountains. This is what has given me the strength to climb mountains. The reason was that it was more difficult for Muhammad Ali Sarkar to fight. What are the rules? It was normal. When he had to get married, the economic pressure on him increased, so he linked his job to the mountains. He worked as a director with foreign climbers and had to carry 25 kg to twenty. By Muhammad Ali Sadpara also shared an interesting experience of his with the Minister. He says that he started working as a puppet. He was surprised to see that some poultry refused to carry certain things, especially Yaqeen Waseem was involved. I was thinking that maybe the smoker bowlers are afraid of catching fire. Muhammad Ali realized that climbing dangerous mountains is inside his clothes, so he guessed how difficult the situation is. Why did other ports refuse to carry such equipment? Nazim Muhammad Ali, as a waiter, used to carry the equipment of foreign climbers and walk on the glacier wearing melting slippers. He says that the next day we started working as glaciers. Ali went inside the government and did not know that although his uncle Hassan was with him. Take a look and tell them to pick them up and keep them with you. Muhammad Ali Sadpara first commented on Nanga during his winter adventure in 2016. He is also honored to have won the eighth 8,000m. He has climbed 8,000 meters in one year, but when he went to K2, the whole public could not find any trace of him except Ashkbar and his team, and their last contact at the hotel was one to four. According to sources, Ali Sadpara had mentioned this, but since then he has not been able to contact anyone. The man’s two helicopter service commission case heli. The helicopter went to an altitude of 7000 meters. At the end of the video, we will explain the real reason behind the disappearance of Muhammad Ali Sadpara in the mountains.

What is it and what is the cover of it? Ali Sadpara, the son of Nazim Paharan, has gone missing and they say that not so many words are being used. According to media reports, an emergency meeting has been held at the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the K2 operation and the Air Headquarters has been contacted regarding the operation in which it has been agreed to continue the operation through the use of modern technology. On the other hand, the current chief said that Muhammad Ali was satisfied with the ongoing search operation for Sadpara for eight days. Sadpara is missing. At 8,200 meters, we all have a child with Ali Sadpara. Did any accident happen while writing and writing? I hope Muhammad Ali Sadpara was going to run at that time He said, “We have been descending from a small place in the accident. It also seems to me that the weather on K2 is very bad and the temperature has dropped to minus 30 years, so I flew to an altitude of Rs 7,000. The team also took part in the rescue operation and stopped the operation due to difficulties caused by icy winds. The number of foreign climbers killed during this year’s Twitter has reached 300 and belongs to Bulgaria. The climbers had an accident.

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