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India's migrant workforce 2 min read

When the primary COVID-19 wave hit India, many migrant workers lost their jobs. Strict lockdowns…

Drone Attacks 3 min read

Iran-backed militants continue to increase their attacks on Yemen, which is stuck in this devil…

Turkey 12 min read

this is istanbul it’s the largest city in the world with territory on two continents…

Ethiopia 2 min read

Ethiopians are voting in national elections on Monday. it is a day of reckoning for…

Where is Kurdistan 7 min read

The Kurds are one in every of the indigenous peoples of the Mesopotamian plains and therefore the highlands in what’s now…

June 22, 2021


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Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi 3,4 Episode Three and Four with Urdu Subtitles

2 min read
Sultan Mehmed Fateh Urdu

Sultan Mehmed

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The TV series regarding the life history of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fateh, who vanquished Constantinople. The series begins from the 15th century. In 1451, Shehzade Mehmed departed from Manisa to Edirne to move up the throne after the demise of his father Murad Khan. Mehmed has a big dream.

Episode 5 Five link below in Urdu Subtitle

Win of Constantinople, the most valuable city. However, he has hindrances in the way of his dream. He has to prevail over these obstacles. Shehzade Orhan, another applicant for the throne, was in Constantinople. King Constantinos intends to put Shehzade Orhan in charge of the Ottoman Empire and decides to send Orhan to Edirne. Candarli Halil Pasha, who is holding back for them in Edirne, will assist them for the throne; this will lead to a new period in the Ottoman Empire.

Sultan Mehmed returned to the city where he was uncrowned many years ago to become Sultan again. The reminiscences of his childhood in Edirne slump on him like an incubus. While he is thinking about, what he will decide about Candarli. He chases Shehzade Orhan who is asserting the throne. In Mehmed, When Orhan took shelter in Byzantine land, all balances altered. Eleni, who was compelled to marry Shehzade Orhan, faced Sultan Mehmed in Edirne. Byzantine is coming to the verge of war with the Ottomans, the decision of Sultan Mehmed will alter the history. Sultan Mehmed, who returned to Edirne with the assistance of Mara Hatun, manages to get the throne with the authority of the principalities that combined with him.

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi 5 Episode with Urdu Subtitles

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