May 18, 2021


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Mehbooba Mufti Accuses The Center Of looting J&Kashmir’s Land Sources

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BJP Modi Federal government is robbing our long and butchery Mehbooba Mufti Illegally occupying Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir authorities stopped former Chief Minister and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti from going to Rambi Ara Kashmiri Media Service According to the report, Mehbooba Mufti said in a tweet that she was prevented from going to Rambi ara through illegal tenders where contracts have been awarded to non-Kashmiris. She said that the local administration stopped me from going to today. She said; She was stopped from visiting Rambiara Nalla today by a local admin. This is where sand extraction through illegal tenders has been outsourced to outsiders & locals are barred from the area.Our land & resources are being plundered by GOI that has nothing but contempt for them.

by her official account

“This is the place where illegal sand mining contracts have been given to non-Kashmiris and locals are barred from entering the area,
This is their warped idea of Naya Kashmir. Sand mafia is operating in broad daylight yet we are expected to remain quiet. As a leader, it’s my responsibility to articulate these grievances. But BJP is brazenly violating my rights & curbing my movements under the guise of ‘security’
J&K has been turned into an open-air prison but we will fight tooth & nail against this onslaught on our dignity, rights & identity

“The Indian government is looting our land and resources and this It is not clear that after Article 370, a new law has been enacted in India under which even non-Kashmiri people can come to Kashmir to buy land and work there, which is why Kashmir’s wealth is being returned to India. And through it, the whole of India will be doubled which the whole world knows that Kashmir is said to be rich in mineral deposits That is why the resources have started to return

Mufti Mehboob further said that India has been oppressing Kashmir for decades. Modi has now stopped the labor of our Kashmiris. They are extracting sand from our own area. At the same time, he said that people in India are also becoming unemployed. And here too we are getting unemployed and people from outside are coming and sending us the same sand for a hundred blocks, because of which the price here has gone up. If one thing is worth five hundred rupees, today it is worth two thousand rupees. He further said that Jammu and Kashmir has been prepared for sending food and drink to India because it is the new Kashmir. He further said that if this India continues to oppress Kashmiris then what will we do? Looking at the whole of Kashmir

On the one hand, the Indian media is spreading false propaganda and on the other hand, the Indian Army is firing on Kashmiris
Moreover, when Mufti Mehboob reached the workers’ procession, a worker tried to set himself on fire, which rained down on the Mufti Mehbooba BJP government.

Modi snatched most of the people in Jammu and Kashmir who were working as laborers and hired slaves from outside and put them to work.

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