May 7, 2021


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Law of Attraction in The Light of of Islam and Modern Science

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Today’s topic that can call you everything in your life can give you everything in life. Want to get an answer. Wherever you want to go. You will do well. All those things. The condition is to follow in a few days. Do it in a college, not in a university, nor in Imran. We discuss it as we know it. Every human being uses it in one way or another. His flesh is good. Today’s liar is pure. No one can find it but an army that can give you everything. How does this work? What is its ruling in Islam? What are the verses? You have not yet seen which army but you are so useful. And what can do so much damage is how it works.

Don’t cry. I have. I don’t care. Use it if you want to get something. You’ll see the situation begin to suit you. Be and now get into the world you are very rich some are very poor and some like that we can use it so that whatever you do ever have you ever considered Have you ever seen a poor person who owns a BMW car or a big house? If you think about it, you will see the middle class, the poor class, always talking to you, and he also thinks about his problems. It’s about problems. Discussion about his own problems. He’ll be more than happy. I’ll have a year or a limit. I’ll have one thing. I’ve never thought of a bigger car.

He’s never done big business. If he did not think that he did not think, then he can not find this thing in Sahih Muslim’s Hadith No. 6830 and according to the International is 2675. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: I have to deal with it the way he thinks about me. Now, in a normal routine, people don’t understand this way of thinking. What does it mean? The power extensions that you keep from Allah Pak, Allah Pak leaves you the same.

They answer. We all believe that we have to die, then we have to get up again. I have a peek in my heart that you have to die and rise again after death. If this is the case, will a person stop sinning? He knows the extent of things, but if he had true faith, this would be the world today. The thing that is stated in this hadith is that Allah says that whatever you think about me, whatever hope you have in mind, in the same way, I will meet you in reality, I will give you that we are many, many times in life. We want something, but we think that our situation is not like that. If the situation is not like this, then we will be able to do something for someone. For example, a person lives in a rented house. Now his income is twenty to twenty-five thousand. He never thought that I have a big car.

I go to this thing in the message country. Charge here. This is my business. Now Aamir would be in the team. I will not be able to have the situation when he did not even think of a dream when he did not put hope on the eighteenth, how will it be fulfilled? Who believes that he is giving to the universe that you will get what you try, but here you often forget that you understand the effort that a This time I thought about something, I thought about it a second time, I thought about it a third time, and I talked about trying to do it. Not at all. Like Tariq bin Ziyad of Shia. I will go or I can win and kill the enemy and go forward or back in his boats. The other way is old. When you comment like this above, then you read Surah of the Quran.

Whose verse 39 is fulfilled that you get what you strive for. For example, if you want to do something good, if you don’t want to do anything in life, then you have to be ashamed of it. I don’t understand. I don’t understand what example I want to be a big businessman. I don’t have money. How can I start a business when they have it in their mind so that I have to do something? The surrounding environment will be created in such a way that they will start to meet. That is why they will talk. Suddenly you will meet someone. You will get an idea that will give you the power to move forward. Come on, let’s go face to face. You set your goal that I have to say good things, then the roads were closed for you, now we will be covered here, there will be trouble here, so I keep doing this situation. It happens that sometimes you stop very close but it is only the last destination. This lecturer will remember you and nothing happens. Nothing happens. There is a long list. See the footsteps of the life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

If Allaah had willed, it would have taken a year already. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had taken a pill and it was round. It took 23 years for the good Fatehpur to be revealed to the Holy Quran. Now you think that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) understood all these things on the basis of the Qur’an and hadeeth. There is no solution under them. There may be people in their descendants who understand the religion. This is actually the thing you are posting. It will bother you a lot. Trouble and anxiety will shake you from all sides. Will your family make fun of you? People around you are teasing you. Now you want to get anything. You are getting the same thing. Thinking about it.

I think all day long, I don’t know how it will be, God lives in it, He doesn’t keep you in the middle, nor are you found. Urine burns like special people if you keep thinking on the net. If so, then you go down. Tell me your redemption time. MC. It’s a bad thing. Try to find the good side of it. Dying here will also happen here. When you train your mind, you will go to this link. The thing that takes you in is your authority constantly when you do daily wage rounds and talk to people day and night. Take care of everything with your mind and keep working for it while repeating it. The students also asked how the paths open and who is guaranteeing you the Qur’an ie Allah and then who is giving the times. The Holy Prophet is the last Prophet and in the hadith of Sahih Muslim, it is good in all things. Scientists from all over the world are working on it today. Thirty-seven are working in London.

The Institute of Urology in London has discovered that people who seek their future, that is, what they want in front of you, do not create in the air, that people who have a good idea as soon as they look at it, have a station. But their future is better. Do you have this hadith of Haqeeqat TV that has been told to you by Sahih Muslim that you will not see it fulfilled? This petition will be just as you will do business as you see and think. I will meet you as you wish or I will help you in getting it done. The explanation of this hadith is the research of the University of Executive that people who wrap something up think again and again as soon as they see it. They wrap their children around them, they have an executive with them, and those who narrate the Gol in a better way, they check their time better than the common people, from so many sciences to every Islamic Well you can just ask the kids who take you ahead if you don’t mind they take it right away. I can’t do anything. I will have to go out. I will be afraid. Life will fail.


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