May 7, 2021


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Latest Development Of United State In Middle East

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Stay still in Afghanistan and the agreement that was reached with the Afghan Taliban. He has been eliminated, not drunk. We have already told you what he has been doing since he came to power. He has brought Biden to the US establishment because he has not done what he did. Will join as if they were to occupy, to attack Pakistan, and then to start a never-ending war in the region.

You see, there are NATO and US forces in Afghanistan, which means they are fighting in Afghanistan. You have to do it and make the situation in the region worse. You will remember that when Iranian General Qasim Soleimani was killed by Trump, then the United States The Establishment had told the Pakistani Establishment and the Army that I would refuse to go to Shamsi Airways and other buses to attack Iran. Let go and the US war is a NATO force to take supplies from Pakistan and then that ideology has been used in attacks on Pakistan. It has also been reported that about 25,000 Blackwater people have arrived in Afghanistan at this time. This whole war has been privatized and this war is being fought to a dangerous extent. The people of the quarter you will see Teddy born with the latest technology on the front line fighting against Pakistan along with BLA and the biggest question is whether the Pakistani establishment and Pakistani forces are all going to shut down all NATO supplies.

Earlier, when Imran Khan’s government came to power in KPK, there were also drone strikes by the United States. And NATO supplies were also continuing. Imran Khan’s headquarters had stopped drone strikes and NATO supplies were also cut off. This is what Pakistan wants even now, that Pakistan is not going to NATO supplies from here, because if NATO supplies are made from here, then the first to die quarter right TTP will get this reward, God willing. Against and songs of Pakistan The situation now looks like there is a huge war going on in Afghanistan. If you look at the last several years in terrorism, there has been a stage in the national army since the time of Hamid Karzai that the Afghan Taliban But it is getting worse after your arrival. Those who used to accuse Pakistan a day ago are helping the Taliban. You will remember that every time there was talk of Motu Moore and it was said that Pakistan is associated with terrorists Pakistan helps terrorists you have forgotten he went away and died and these people have been dominating Pakistan for eight years and also in their politics they have been dominating Pakistan You know the situation that has happened and at the moment Pakistan is preparing to impose a big war on Pakistan. Pakistan Chara when Nabi Karim Noor is preparing to break the C-Pack and to break it he will attack Pakistan. Shutting down all Pakistan C-packs. The biggest question that arises in view of you is whether Imran Khan will let NATO supplies go or not. Wouldn’t want NATO supplies to go from here and bloodshed inside Afghanistan because what you are about to start is a military war that will not end for the next twenty-five years and will engulf Pakistan and India. This new war is about to start and you will forget what it was like in the last twenty years and now the situation is getting worse in the whole region. Pakistani forces are on high alert.

Is on and a new war is about to start on your border and Jana will try not to fight if there is war China will give arms to the Afghan Taliban now the situation has changed a lot now the heads of big countries want you They seem to be saying that when the war is about to start after their arrival and you see at that time, Pakistan is also in a state. At the moment, China and Iran are also in the west. Preparations are being made, on the other hand, elections are going to be held in Israel. To take it to the next level, it is not as if Netanyahu is not a servant of the Yahoo Establishment, but his term is coming to an end, but at the moment he can attack someone who can speak out against Pakistan. The game has begun and this is a never-ending war that will continue for many years to come. It will have an impact on Pakistan and the bidding Afghan Taliban will have to support against the United States if I pray as always that God bless Protect the interests of our country.

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