May 18, 2021


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Kuruluş Osman History of Ottoman Slap

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If you have been watching the drama serial Ertugrul and the Qur’an and the sky, you will have seen the characters of the drama in many scenes slapping the contestant in front of you and the past as well. Even in the trailer, after the slap in the face to the people of the sky, you will be well aware of the clothes that break the skull and they often age on the spot. It is said that if the slap is a big one If we pay attention to the reasons for the rise of ourselves, one of the main reasons that come to the fore is the superiority of the Turks’ own thinking and weapons. Now and then he appeared in the court of Muhammad II and presented a design which he claimed that his shells would tear down the historic walls of the city. He said that it should be a meter long. In this scene, Sultan Muhammad II replied that if he demolished the walls of Constantinople, he would get four times the price. But he could not pay, nor did he have the necessary problems to make it so big, and because of the situation, he accepted their offer, and that is what happened when he reached the top.

And because of the large number of Christian soldiers, there would be less space on the walls and it became very difficult to wield the sword against the Turks who helped them and the long swords of the Christians began to fill the crowd and where the daggers were. Couldn’t walk there, the Turkish forces used their famous celestial slaps, which hit the walls in a matter of hours, so you could start the Ottoman conquest in the early days and put a big piece of oil on it. And the soldiers kept slapping them all day long. This exercise gives them so much strength that whatever they hit could be seen once a day by reciting the Ottoman text and hitting it. The arm is not respected by anyone and the hair is kept straight up to the shoulder.

He uses all his strength and is scared for a while. In addition, it was beaten so many times that the enemy’s skull was broken or its neck was broken. During the battles of the Ottoman Empire, it was a rainy business. They were not kept in regular discussion for military training so they are called elders when taste means unorganized army their job is mostly to intimidate the enemy army to secure their army supply line In addition to this technique, Inger and Uniform also used this technique, ie if the army was calling the enemy’s horse Osmani Sahib, then the horse would either block it and drop its rider or it would fall seven times besides itself. Inside the name of the slap in which the friends of the world come to this world from the siege of the present time, if a soldier on the cheek here, the eardrums of his ears are torn on the occasion of the battle It is said that the enemy of Sajid would have been overwhelmed if it had been useful in the critical situation outside Turkey slapped the two bodyguards who attacked the Prime Minister and killed him. Friends, let’s see who gets more slaps in the coming years.

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