May 18, 2021


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Jordan Denies permitting Netanyahu to use their Air space

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Jordan Denies permitting Netanyahu to use their Air space | Israel UAE |
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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was scheduled to visit the United Arab Emirates but abruptly canceled the visit, citing a major reason why the Israeli prime minister canceled a visit to the United Arab Emirates to demand the release of Palestinians. Army barred Netanyahu from using its airspace.

He wanted to visit the UAE and Saudi Arabia. According to his state broadcaster, Netanyahu also contacted Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin, Salman. But Israeli intelligence reports say that in the last instance, the Saudi Crown Prince was directly responsible for the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that his visit to the UAE has been canceled.

He was also contacted by telephone with the YK ruler, but soon the two leaders agreed to a meeting. If you watch the match between Israel and Jordan, then Jordan’s air force will send Israel to the UAE If he takes another route, it will take a long time, which is why the Israeli prime minister has canceled his visit, while Abbas is in talks with Jordan.

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