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Jinnah’s political struggle and vision of Pakistan; Biography

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Muhammad ali jinnah
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25 December 1876 a child is born on the second floor of his house who would one day make a new history his father’s name Poonja Jinnah the kid is Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
it was Bombay’s Katherine and John connon School then he moved to Karachi University it’s an answer to a business associate of his father was a turning point in his life in 1895 he became about stuff and also became the first to record to the park in English from the Indians the age of 28 came to India and began to practice in Bombay made him famous what is December 94 when he attended the 20th annual meeting of Congress used to believe in achieving Independence to Hindu Muslim Unity to 4% union leaders Like Cocaine Neurology & Metal trial United States elevation of Los Angeles known as Tina delegation is called off to a show device or the other loyalty in to get insurance about the run from unsympathetic in the measure of how to play on the phone and a post but you know who the first world war and other Indian motorcycles that walking through the universe down from Congress resolved to party was falling Gandhi satyagraha he believed that article Anarchy Allina Home Away From the status of a senator running tell me on like that of New Zealand Canada and Australia in 1923 he was elected as Muslim member in the central lights 20% trial NFL Chiefs most of the Muslims in India believed in being a part of a unitary state comprising the first Hindus and Muslims for most wins in a new smell would you later but now as Pakistan September 1939 movie second world war India eventually got involved in the war Fraulein United Kingdom the Congress do to support the war Gina’s Muslim League did and that gave him an opportunity to place an offer before the British on 6th February 1940 Gina on behalf of messenger instead of federation contemplated and 11:35 pounds trial como se dice Lake Johanna as a sign of deceased mythology with the attention it along before 7 and was wondering if I survived that Britain would transfer the power to India not later than June of 1948 trial

Father of the nation Quaid e azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the greatest icon of Muslim Brothers in the Indian subcontinent under who’s passionate leadership Pakistan appeared on the map of the world on August 14th 1947 by the Autumn took the oath as first governor general of Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

After the old 70,000 received from the Armed Forces but expressing his expectations from the armed forces the card said we have to prove that we fully deserve the newly achieved Independence no you have to safeguard the promotion of values and principles of Islamic democracy social justice and equality in your home now if you stick with the golden principles of determination discipline and selfless devotion then there is nothing that you were not achieved on April 13th 1948 the card arrived at resolve to review the first graduation parade of the Air Force flying training school the card said any country without a strong Air Force is at the mercy of any dresser as quickly as possible it must be an efficient air force Second To None ever since Pakistan Air Force made the card saying it’s Beacon and the journey to Perfection topic trial today August on Air Force is considered and acknowledged as one of the best air forces in the world standing for the vision of Founding Father every fighter of Pakistan Air Force is committed to Excellence trials.

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No One Can Undo Pakistan
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No Nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with You

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