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Israel-Palestine conflict, Everything you need to know

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100 years ago we can a regional conflicts that would quickly become one of the world’s most complex and controversial a conflict between two very different people for the same territory to better understand its reasons and underlying issues that lets we Trace Israeli-Palestinian conflict on map

British interest

1917 during World War 1 the central powers were opposed to the so-called triple entente and its allies had suffered losses and desperately seeking additional support the dentist Foreign Affairs Minister 444 wrote an open letter from a single Jewish Homeland in Palestine in return to support the growing Zionist movement Meanwhile the British try to weaken the Ottoman Empire by supporting the rebellion and promising and independent in Laboratories at the end of the war the Ottoman Empire was defeated and land cover by European powers the British give more Independence to Iraq and transport in it is in what remains of Paris time that Britain was to create a Jewish Homeland with the Jewish community with a small minority but immigration rules rapidly due to the 10 situation in Europe especially in Germany with the anti-semitic nazi party came to power.

WW2 and its consequences

In September 1939 Germany invaded Poland and respond by declaring war on the beginning of World War II in 5 years the conflict Reigns more than 60 million by including almost 6 million Jews targeted by the Holocaust following the war disintegration time grows increasing tension with their Robes overwhelmed by the situation the British begin their withdrawal from the area we do it takes over and proposes to divide the region into two States with Jerusalem been given a special status of an international zone the proposal was accepted by side but rejected by Alison aerobes followed by a civil war between the two communities the Arab League put together alliteration on any of several thousand volunteers to fight again designers, therefore, the Juvenile Army by giving military training with population and sending agents to your up to retrieve ww2 to military stock and sign on the contract

The state of Israel

The reality of Israel and UAE

On May 14th, 1948 Britain completes its withdrawal from Palestine why is it used for applying independence of the state of Israel in response the Arab League did during the conflict to a truce is not allowed the Israeli Army to strengthen its position and gradually take over finally the armistice agreement was signed Israel C is muted train including Western Jerusalem each other and to West banquet and export transparent to form Jordan this conflict causes large-scale displacement, on the one hand, more than $700,000 were expelled of Let is very territory to Refugee camps on the other Jewish communities in Arab countries sometimes in the history of over 2000 years of force is reserved for SC and eventually, many European Jews were assured by the victory of Israel and choose to settle there

Arab-Israel war

In 1967 following tensions with neighbors Israel to get bored of Egypt Jordan in 6 days Israel dominates the war and 666 territories by seizing the situation sunaiye the Syrian Golan Heights and the west bank. Israeli settlers begin to move into Palestinian territory UN react adopts resolution 242 condemning the Israeli occupation six years later Egypt and Syria loan to surprise attack to try without oven and initially this really army is routed and fails to repel the attack on the influence of the Soviet Union and Arab countries support the offensive wall United State send emergency supplies of 22802 Israel which is used the Israeli Army for the continued to put borders on the ceasefire oil-exporting Arab countries decide to punish the US and Israel allies by increasing the price of poets by 70% and increasing production by 5% this causes the first oil crisis of 1973 Israel on the international pressure seeded Sniper to Egypt and part of a goal and to Syria but we change control over the Palestinian territories with colonization accelerate especially in East Jerusalem.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Muslims Lives Matter
Muslims lives matter

In 1988 Israel proclaim Jerusalem as a standard physical capital but this decision was condemned by the UN security council in the West Bank tension mountain water supply at Israel had The Upper Hand on resources which are unevenly distributed between Israeli settlements and Palestinian areas in 1987 the Palestinian population level and takes to the street mostly arm with stones this was the beginning of the first intifada and adaptive meaning of pricing in this context Rises Hamas a Palestinian Islamic movement fighting Israel Meanwhile the Palestinian Liberation organization to that in 1964 by the Arab League and exited elders proclaim that the independent state of Palestine on November 15, 1988, would be its capital and Palestine would progressively be recognized from 136 States.

Peace effort

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The conflict which provides for mutual recognition it also Lays the foundation of introducing autonomy in the Gaza strip and the city of Jericho in 1995 Westbank partition plan was signed providing for Palestine controlled areas mix areas drive the rest on the Israeli control of the two parties are unable to agree on thorny issues such as a status of Jerusalem and the return of Palestinian refugees negotiation failed and violent reignites in Jerusalem a visit by the head of the is very opposition to the holy site of the temple Mount produce a second intifada marked by numerous suicide bombing Israel begins construction of a wall in the west bank to protect the country but in doing so in total upon Palestinian territories the wall is declared illegal by the International Court of Justice to try to come to the situation the Israeli government in 2005 decided to remove yourself from the Gaza strip but retain control over its borders.

The Gaza strip

Palestine Right Now

Tension showcase around the Gaza strip Mini against Hamar switch came into power is well imposes a blockade in the region while her master regularly V rocket into is very territories take place and violence by both sides builds up onto 2014 when is very warplanes found the area and destroyed 50000 houses 100 schools dozens of hospital and read it only power plant the population is Torque in cars are facing a humanitarian disaster.

Current Situation

Pakistan and Muslim Ummah aims to fight Islamophobia via Quran education
Muslims Lives Matter

Today the situation Romance complicated and lasting peace is nowhere on the Horizon on one hand to which bank is divided between Palestinian towns and villages and more than 150 Israeli colonies source tracking a due to cover the Palestinian Homeland seems more complicated than ever then there is the status bar in which both sides due at the capital in 2018 United State announced it would move their Embassy to Jerusalem recognising the city and the capital of Israel this decision was condemned by the UN by a large majority were the palestinians announced that the United States no longer has a mediator role in the peace process which at present indefinite League.

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