May 10, 2021


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Israel Announced To Start Clash With Iran, Joe Biden Give New Order To US Forces

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Israel announces attack on Iran Palwasha Evie Pouch in the Middle East began to target Iranian installations Iranian forces also came into action Iran ordered the destruction of parrots in Israel that the Israeli army chief then advised them to keep The army does not have the capability to attack. Iranian apple revealed that Biden issued an order to the US military.

The army is done. Take the light. Then did you start dreaming? Hassan Rouhani also ordered the subjugation of the Israeli army. We have made the last plan to destroy Iran, which is not capable of keeping the Muslims. In a blunt response, the Israeli Mossad’s Iranian power has been proved to be eating away at the superpowers from Iran’s power. According to the latest media reports, Israel has sent troops to fight Has given less and the Israeli army chief has changed Iran to give up its nuclear program or it will be destroyed by Israel. Iran challenged Israel saying that you do not have the capacity to publish in this regard. According to the details received so far, Israel has warned the United States against rejoining the nuclear deal with Iran, claiming that it is preparing to attack Tehran, according to media reports.

The head of Israel’s army, the lieutenant-general, has said that Washington has also ordered a ban on the nuclear deal, while the US military is expected to reopen Saudi Arabia’s Minister Ahmed port amid growing tensions. The United States has said it is preparing to deal with any emergency situation in Syria, saying the US military should unload its cargo at a Saudi port and explain how to use Saudi Arabia’s most important oil pipelines in a video. That Israel has announced the use of a dangerous war tactic, not a joke The Houthis have called for their own destruction by imposing war on the Iranians, and once again Israel will call for an attack on Iran. In response to the army chief’s threat, Iran has said it is waiting for Biden’s decision. US President Donald Trump has canceled a nuclear deal with Iran since 2015 and imposed economic sanctions. He has said he wants to restore a nuclear deal with Iran, which Israel has vehemently opposed. He said he had taken significant steps to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. He welcomed the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the deal in 2018. According to media reports, the Israeli army chief said that despite some improvements, “Returning to the agreement is not even in line with our strategy in practice.

Allowing Iran to move forward with its nuclear program would be an unacceptable threat and would lead to nuclear proliferation in the region,” he said. He directed the army to prepare several projects in addition to the existing ones “We are taking care of these projects and we will develop them in the coming year. The Israeli army chief decides to carry out the people. Of course, there are many terms, but such plans must be prepared. Says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only, adding in the video that Iran has informed the United States about the characteristics of Israel and what it has demanded from the Israeli army that Israel, intoxicated with its power, kill the thief. The whole world was shaken while the other side also increased its military exercises in which the Gulf of Oman and experts share Today, in 2018, US President Donald Trump called Iran a threat and announced that China would withdraw from the nuclear deal reached by former President Barack Obama against Russia. I was told that Iran would close all the doors to build an atomic bomb and that the sanctions imposed on Iran as an alternative to this society would be lifted and billions of rupees would be spent on aid in 2020 US drone strikes in Baghdad Iran is raising extraordinary tensions in both countries after the death of its leader Qasim Soleimani.

Iran has announced its complete withdrawal from the disease in 2015 after the death of some thought-provoking leaders in a US attack. President Hassan Rouhani’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Jordan will respond to the threat of an Israeli attack, and we know that Israel has no plan or capability to attack. It is clear that most people think that the United States will accept their words, but you are an independent country that does not listen to Israel’s President Hassan Rouhani The chief and minister said that former President Trump, with the help of his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner, had persuaded him and had nothing to do with Israel. At the end of the video, after attacking Iran, which Islamic country would be the next target and Israel’s Terrifying revelations about Iran’s nuclear power Great Iran’s growing military power has become a bone in Israel’s throat. The conflict between Iran and Iran dates back to the 1980s but has escalated since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq. The withdrawal of US troops from Iraq took place in 2011, but still locally in the Middle East. It is clear to the world that Israel has always wanted Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, to never tolerate anyone other than Muslim countries. That is why Saudi Arabia and Israel I sided with Trump in all sorts of ways, recognizing Israel as his capital from different countries Admittedly, the deal with Iran was terminated and sanctions imposed on it, and since Trump’s personal ties with the two heads of state, Mohammed bin Salman and Netanyahu, the three have worked together to support each other’s interests in the election campaign. Granted, but fortunately, despite his support, he was not able to succeed in the complex, thanks to him, and the relationship will be stable, the cost of spreading far and wide from there will also benefit, even to say that Pakistan’s central position will also increase. This simply means that in the eyes of Russian analysts, Pakistan is showing the world the ongoing cold war with India and the timing of these exercises is also of special importance in the global scenario. Forces operations will be conducted along with aircraft firing exercises as well as various exercises that will help the world and Yemen stay safe from violent groups such as the Houthi rebels now talk and in efforts to curb arms trafficking.

The first step will be to speed up the operation against pirates One of the most important aspects is to know each other’s skills, as well as the importance of CEPEC and its important economic projects. To highlight the positive results of Pakistan and to expose all the sabotage and propaganda of India to the world and Pakistan is a peace-loving country. Getting acquainted (gain, obtain) with the rich customs and history of Pakistan.

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