May 18, 2021


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Is Israel’s Iron Dome giving its soldiers cancer?

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A group of Israeli solders have reportedly said that their service at anti-missile iron dome defense system has given them cancer.

At least 10 israeli soldiers in their 20s and 30s reported.
At the end of their services or after they were discharged, that they had develop cancer after their stint with the unit.

Ran Manzur, a soldier who developed bone cancer said that Israeli Army ignored him. When he complained about pain in his body.

They called the Iron Dome, which intercepts short-range missiles, the “Toaster.”

“When you’re near a radar you’re literally feeling your body boiling from the inside out. If you try to imagine what happens to food when it is in the microwave, it is like that. You feel the heat coming in waves,” said Jonathan Haimovich, a former Israeli soldier.

A year on from his release from Iron Dome service, Israeli soldier Ran Mazur was diagnosed with cancer.

Meanwhile, Shir Tahar said that during her time at the Iron Dome, she did not have adequate protective gear.

In 2011, 240 Israeli soldiers started their services at the iron dome.
6 soldiers got cancer at the end of their services. But the israeli army insists that its data and research.

On the deaseas show the cases are not expational

The iron dome is an israeli defense system which operating in the south to intercept short-range missile and rockets and fired by palestinian resistance groups from besieged Gaza.

Recently Israel said it also handed over two batteries of the Iron Dome defense system to the US army.

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