May 18, 2021


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India’s COVID advisors say the Modi government ‘ignored’ their warnings

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📷Danish Siddiqui via Reuters
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As india battles a devastating surge of covid-19 infections and deaths a group of scientists has come forward and said warnings back in march of a new and more dangerous variant were ignored by the government hospitals continue to be overwhelmed by the crisis and india’s vaccine rollout is being hampered by a shortage of shots people lie in the corridors of this hospital in maja pradesh those with a bed are hardly better off without oxygen relatives can only watch as their loved ones run out of breath

In India, a group of scientists advising the Narendra Modi government on the coronavirus says it warned of a new and more dangerous virus variant back in March, but that the government ignored their warnings.An international relief effort to help India deal with its devastating second wave of COVID-19 infections is gathering pace.

Countries ranging from Germany and France to Taiwan and Russia are sending aid. But India’s vaccine roll-out is being hampered by a shortage of shots, and new cases and deaths are still hitting record levels. People lie in the corridors of a hospital in Madhya Pradesh.

Those with a bed are hardly better off without oxygen. Relatives can only watch as their loved ones run out of breath. Precious oxygen is delivered to a hospital in Delhi under police escort. But it comes too late. Eight people died waiting. Medical supplies are flying in.

From Germany, ventilators. And from Russia, vaccines. Once a vaccine exporter, India is now desperate for imports. Several states have run out of vaccines, even as the inoculation campaign expands to all adults.

Those who wait to get a shot know they’re the lucky ones. Sikh devotees in Punjab cram together in a shrine. Religious gatherings have been partly blamed for India’s coronavirus outbreak. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the crowds. Some Indians blame his leadership for the crisis. Across India, anger burns like so many funeral pyres

India’s COVID advisors said that we haven’t got any oxygen at all now that’s why i’ve put her in a prone position so that she can feel some relief i asked the hospital but they can’t give me any because they don’t have it either precious oxygen is delivered to this hospital in delhi under police escort but it comes too late supplies ran out about an hour earlier eight people died waiting

what was about to happen we begged them to arrange oxygen from anywhere they can medical supplies are flying in from germany ventilators and from russia vaccines once a vaccine exporter

india is now desperate for imports several states have run out of vaccines as the inoculation campaign expands to all adults those who get a shot know they’re among the lucky ones the situation is extremely grim of course that is there aren’t any words that can explain the situation is extremely grim the system is at a brink of collapse and that’s the reason why we try to get vaccinated as early as possible

but these lines in punjab aren’t for vaccinations sikh devotees are cramming together in a shrine religious gatherings have been partly blamed for india’s coronavirus outbreak even prime minister narendra modi joined the crowds some indians blame his leadership for the crisis that there is a big failure of judiciary of the nation of so many people

who cheated me on cylinders wouldn’t give me facilities on time and my father couldn’t get anything on time everything god delayed everything across india anger burns like so many funeral pyres

Meanwhile we’re also hearing reports that a group of scientists in fact that advise the indian government warned that a new and more dangerous virus variant was discovered and this was back in march and yet the government ignored their warnings apparently what more can you tell us about this well this is a forum of scientific advisors which was set up in late december last year and yes they have come out and said that they want the government and the union health ministry as early as early march that we may be seeing a peak in the number of cases we will see an increase in the number of cases and they also warned about a new mutant virus which would be very very contagious

much more than what we saw last year but as they’re coming out and saying that the government did not pay heed to these warnings in fact the government did go ahead and organize massive election rallies in different states where no covert protocols were being followed the government also allowed a huge religious congregation to keep taking place over a period of a couple of months where hundreds and thousands of people were gathering every single day another scientist of the same forum has said that the government has not taken into account signs and evidence while setting up policies for dealing with the situation has there been any response from india’s government to these accusations that they ignored these warnings from their own scientific advisors

yesterday to people above 18 years of age but as reports suggest they’re facing a lot of struggle in even registering for the vaccination to the government website and even getting a slot for appointment to get their birth jam

the center is saying that they are in talks reportedly with the vaccine manufacture to ramp up the products they are saying that they are actually wrapping up the production now and that the government is also saying they are providing states with a sizable amount of vaccine doses but the fact that multiple states are coming forward as saying that they have to put a hold on this campaign because they do not have enough number of doses speaks volume of the current desperate situation.

India’s total COVID-19 cases passed 18 million on Thursday after another world record number of daily injections, as gravediggers worked around the clock to bury victims and hundreds more were cremated in makeshift pyres in parks and parking lots.

India reported 379,257 new infections and 3,645 new deaths on Thursday, health ministry data showed, the highest number of fatalities in a single day since the start of the pandemic.

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