May 18, 2021


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Indian PM Modi arrests 75 in Kashmir after local elections

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The elections were the first local polls since PM Modi's government revoked the special status of the Muslim-majority region last yea

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The Warren India’s government detained at least 75 Kashmiri political leaders and activists to forestall political unrest after an alliance of Kashmir’s regional political parties won local elected leaders in a police official said on Saturday the District Council election concluded early this week was the first such exercise since prime minister Narendra Modi’s government last year revoked the special status of the Muslim-majority Indian-controlled region New Delhi then crackdown on the opposition and rounded up hundreds of people to preamp protests and violence the new detention including separatist leaders and members of the band Jamaat-e-Islami group we’re for preventive custody India and Pakistan have claimed all of the Kashmir regions since the part…
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BJP government has detained at least 75 cashmere, political leaders and activists, after the alliance of regional political parties won the first-ever local elections there a police official said detention center for preventive custody and included Pro-Independence Towers and members of a band outfit arrest followed the conclusion of district council elections earlier this week but was won by an alliance formed by two former state chief ministers and 52 liters are fighting for a peaceful restoration of Kashmir’s autonomy which the ruling Wright and Indian governments are prime ministers Narendra Modi revoked late last year since then a disputed Himalayan region has been under a crippling lockdown.


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A tv show anchor Hannah Boden Kashmiri so the Indian government attention to the Kashmir political leaders is preventing people there from deciding their future I’ll let you and let you let him know and I will know that the situation in Kashmir is normal enormous he has returned and electoral processes and the market across the happening in the region and on the other hand this crap so what kind of the region will you not allowing people to choose and democratically despite the last many years now and people of Kashmir have time and again wanted New Delhi to resolve the matter once and for all again but after 2019 August 5-6 New Delhi and after that we were not given a chance to engage in any decision-making about the region of Kashmir one-sided decisions happening at the time and to decide or to participate would it be politically related to legalities of the land.

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