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Indian Chronicles: A fake propaganda campaign of India against Pakistan

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There was a time when people fought on swords on horseback, fought face to face, used bows and arrows, then came the gun, and with time came the warships. Cannons have also been used. Thus, with the passage of time, the atomic bomb was invented, which could cause great destruction. And now in the modern era hybrid wars are fought. And there is a little story we show you how it is fought and now that you understand this story you will know the ugly face of India.
the worst form of hybrid warfare India

Chronicles- A fake propaganda campaign against Pakistan

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A report comes to light on December 9, 2012. The name of this report is Indian Chronicles.
This report is exposed by an organization and tells the world how India has launched false propaganda against Pakistan in one hundred and sixteen countries of the world
When our team saw this report, you know the price, we were stunned.
If you look at the internal situation in India, it looks very bad. There is unemployment in India. People do not have money to eat bread. There is a lot of poverty and above all, there is no space for toilets. means that is, there is no toilet, and on all these subjects, were portraited by Bollywood, the film industry, Bollywood have made films on these subjects, but in spite of all this, where is India investing? India is spending in 116 countries for false propaganda against Pakistan.
Now we will tell you how India launched this whole campaign, what are the actors in it and what are the facilities in it and where are they running this whole network from?

How does this propaganda machinery work against Pakistan?

The name of the organization that caught this false propaganda is EudisinfoLab. If you go to Twitter to find out about this organization and search for it, you will find that the purpose of this organization is simply to de-tech false propaganda and publish a clear and transparent report in which the correct Have information.

Still, in the next UN Speech, the Indian ambassador will shamelessly say that Pakistan is spreading Lies, Deceit, Misinformation After debunking Indian’s Propaganda, India should be banned from handling websites, NGOs Also ban Indian Journalists. They r planted They lack Professionalism.
When the director of this organization researched the Indian network, he was amazed at how India was spreading false propaganda against Pakistan in 116 countries. Now we will explain how this network works.
At the top is the Srivastava Group which you guys understand is actually a producer. At the bottom of this group are three things. One is the NGO’s. The other is Think Tanks. The third is the media outlet.

How does fake Indian NGO’s Operate against Pakistan?

There are two types of NGO’s
1= Credited NGO’s
2= Non-Credited NGO’s
Credited NGO’s, these NGOs are organizations that have the right meaning, that is, to highlight a problem somewhere and to find and solve that problem. The purpose of this organization is clear
Non-Credited NGO’s are those organization that is based on lies. The fake NGOs that India has launched seem to be fine because inside they work for a moment and make false propaganda against Pakistan in every corner of the world.
Many such NGOs are now known by name, their purpose is clear but the NGOs that India has created have different names and the purpose is different and the third NGO is something that is dead and the report says Yes, sir, we are reviving this NGO, then an example is given in it. The report states that its name is Scop NGO and that the NGO has been in existence since 1970 and its owner is an old professor who was a lawyer. Data Sahib dies in 2006, but within a report, Scope resurrects the institution and its owner is alive and talking everywhere against Pakistan. The famous news channel came to create articles and proved this servant alive.
In 2011 I formed a group called Friends of Gilgit-Baltistan and this platform went to Washington DC and started talking against Pakistan and countless fellow bloggers, columnists quoted revived this same dead slave as a live man.
These are the three types of NGOs that we have told you and the fake NGOs that India has created are only meant to discredit Pakistan.

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How does fake Indian Think-Tanks work against Pakistan?

Indian Popaganda works on the basis of four ways.
⦁ They build a lobby
⦁ They create a huge protest worldwide
⦁ They create a debate in the European parliament
⦁ They hire employees for this propaganda
Now we make it clear to you how these people make it.
In the European Parliament, they have formed groups in which they make propaganda against Pakhtuns and other small propaganda against a Baloch and lie in these parliaments and say that see if women are being abused in Pakistan or create a debate. There are and continue to do false propaganda on various such topics. Yes, and yes, it is accepted by the outside world and thus Pakistan is facing difficulties in many places.
Just like FATF
In this way, they give money to those who have gone out of Pakistan out of anger, and out of them, PTM is prominent ie this class speaks against Pakistan all the time and everywhere and insults the Pakistan Army ie This organization is funded by India in this way and put to work on a regular basis because if you get information about PTM, you will know that this whole organization is well-known in foreign countries. In addition, India also funds the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and has rented out many terrorist remnants in Pakistan, all of which have formal evidence.
Many Indian spies working for terrorists were caught in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan, and many bomb blasts in Pakistan. These spies have admitted everything.

750 Fake Media outlets crafted by propaganda machinery of Srivastava Group

India is the world’s dirtiest liar and illegal media China has more than seven hundred and fifty websites news channels youtube channels there are many groups and pages on social media that only and only spread false propaganda against Pakistan And one of these reports goes to the ANI as well as furthering the propaganda. You all know that there are as many news channels in India as there are newspapers, there are mobile apps, etc. They take the report from ANI and publish it on their own platform and ANI again takes snipping from these all channels groups newspapers and published it the opinion inside it becomes smooth.

ANI fake

Whether it is to win Modi’s election or Hindu-Muslim to fight among themselves.
With this, he raises the Hindu rule in India and India is the only country in the world whose people believe in their media. An example of this is clear to the world that when India tried to launch an airstrike on Pakistan in 2019 And Pakistan’s airplanes had shot down all three of their planes and captured their pilot, so India was not acknowledging it. The Indian media still lied to their nation that we had invaded Pakistan And his plane crashed and the rest of the world’s media was laughing at India, it has become an entire industry that makes false propaganda against Pakistan to harm Pakistan.

Imran Khan’s tweet is that in complete violation of the law, despite India’s indiscriminate firing on the LOC on a UNMOGIP vehicle, clear UN signs and flying UN flags, Shows India’s complete disregard for the acceptable conduct of the state and all values ​​of respect for the law and the United Nations. Pak strongly condemns this bullying.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan added that he wanted to warn the international community once again, as India’s internal woes, especially the recession, growing farmers’ protests and the misrepresentation of COVID 19, the Modi government A false flag will be used against Pakistan to get rid of internal filth.
Imran Khan made it clear in his tweet that he had already said that in 2020 alone, there have been 3,000 Indian ceasefire violations along the LoC and Working Boundary, deliberately targeting civilians with unprovoked firing. The death toll rose to 276, including 92 women and 68 children.

PM Imra Khan made it clear to the entire community that if India had increased the number of false flag operations against Pakistan, it would have resisted a strong national Pakistani resolve and the threat would be changed at every level. Make no mistake.


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