May 18, 2021


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Indian Army Using Pallet Guns in kashmir.

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Indian army atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir
This is the reality that the Indian army forcibly keeping Kashmir in its territory.
They are using pallet guns, even on teenagers, and recently an eighteen-year-old girl from south Kashmir’s Shophian district named Hiba
Who was hit by pallets which are used by Indian armed forces.
Now she might never get back her sight.
Not only her but also a small baby girl she is the youngest victim of pellet guns.

But scores of civilians have been blinded by Indian army’s usage of pallet guns just only for demanding their self-determination and independence.
Indian govt specially the RSS Modi and the Indian army’s maintained that pallet guns are used for pro-freedom protestors, that is Kashmiris who want freedom from Indian’s they just want to self-determination Not that is an acceptable justification by any means but how the hell Indian army hit a child. were they a threat to your bloody India national security?
were they throwing rockets at you?
these children just in her mother’s arms when Indians army lead pallets placed their eye.
How India justify that in united nation general council
How the FATF accepts that.
How the entire community accepts that.
the genetic of the Kashmir issue can be traced to 1947 the year Pakistan and India separated
both they won their independence from the two centuries-long British colonialism.

the then ruler of Kashmir is Maharaja Hari Singh A Hindu ruler in Muslim majority Valley Dreamt of ruling Kashmir independently
While more than 500 princes states were banded together to form a present-day geopolitical territory as India
This dream was shattered when an external aggressor in the form of thousands of Hindu extremists backed by RSS and entered Jammu and Kashmir on 14th Oct and smash all the Muslims and killing large numbers of Muslims and they succeeded. More than 200 hundred thousand Muslims were martyred.
after ten days Pakistani militants entered in Kashmir realizing impending dooms.
the king maharaja requested India to help him in Kashmir and sent Indians troops and in return, Kashmir converted into India they scared all the Muslim and killing thousands of Muslims in the valley

In October 1947 in the early morning hours, the Indian army landed in Kashmir
their ascending led to the start of the occupation which later led to the name of AZAADKASHI that is freedom and embroiling the picture of the valley into a conflict.
the then time Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru after the accession of Kashmir in Indian territory promise plebiscite to the natives.
And the promise will not fulfill till yet by any Indian successive administrations.
Indian armed forces have always legitimized the killings as purging “terrorists” from the valley but also forign element..
Not only killing with impunity.
The Indian army has raped the imunity, forcebly disappeared people with immunity and now blinding kashmiris impunity?

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Human rights watch has reported that Muslims are also beaten and forced to chant Hindu slogans and that the police fails to properly investigate these incidents, instead filing criminals cases against witnesses in order to intimidate them.

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