May 18, 2021


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Indian Army always Disrespects LOC Kashmir, What’s happening Next

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India army disrespect LOC
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Major operation of Pakistan Army in NADRA The major terrorists of the school blast in Peshawar have been brought to an end. In recent days, the Pakistan Army is working on a petition under which the terrorists can be traced. They are being brought to the level of punishment which has caused trouble even outside because the Indian agency RAW is also involved in it. India has allocated crores of budget to destabilize Pakistan and the Peshawar tragedy which is a big one. It was a heart-wrenching scene in which innocent children were selectively martyred and at the same time their feelings were killed. It was a heartbreaking scene. As soon as the clues are found, they are being killed. Dear friends, before going into more details, we request you to watch each of our new videos till the end so that you can benefit from the complete information. However, before proceeding with the video, all the people who did not come on the channel are requested to first go to the Pak police While subscribing, take a look at the accompanying Bell One so that you can easily be motivated by every new upcoming video. Let’s start today’s important and interesting topic with a secret. The attack took place in the Lower Dir area of ​​Peshawar. Weapons and grenades were also recovered from the area. The terrorists were targeted in the Swat Valley. I was involved. Until 2009, this area was a stronghold of the Taliban. Talks were held to clear it. Pakistan has escaped a major tragedy due to this operation of the Pakistan Army in which it was quite possible that schools would be targeted. The purpose of the kidneys was to attack the reopening schools which were closed in view of Karuna and they were ordered to reopen. Love, if the Pakistan Army did not take action, then kill the children of the schools. Kidney abuse could not have happened if the drunkards look at the past seven years ago in the Army Public School The terrorists who carried out the operation were the facilitators of the operation that was involved in the Peshawar attack.

This operation of the Pakistan Army is being paid homage all over the world. The Pakistan Army has destroyed all the terrorist networks in recent days. There was a plan by India to destabilize Pakistan with massive funding, evidence of which Pakistan has passed on to international organizations and has been exposed by outsiders since the report of these fields, but Just a few days ago, an organization called Daulat-e-Islamia brutally killed 11 workers. This funding was also provided by India. This organization was given the responsibility by India to spread terrorism in Pakistan in the past as well. Many of our precious lives have been martyred as a result of the target killings, including young military scholars and political figures. Karwa prepares them for attack if such thugs are punished It is rumored that the government is targeting media groups. It is haraam. These groups are the facilitators of terrorists. Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has also warned India that if India considers our peace efforts as our weakness, then by mistake it will not be in a flower, nor will the people of the Pakistan Army against internal and external conspiracies.

There is a need to be vigilant and to keep an eye on the environment around us. Hearing and seeing this, Hindu India has always been trying to hollow out the roots of Pakistan in one way or another. I have always failed but this time it has stepped up its efforts. Our eternal enemies are also trying to incite the people against the Pak army that the Pak army destroyed the network as much as the terrorists wanted. What is the whole world is his death but internal enemies are more dangerous than external enemies and become a snake in the sleeve and when Given a chance, whoever tries is trying to misguide the people of Pakistan through India and the media, and such propaganda has been launched on social media, which has led to a rift between the Pakistan Army and the people. Trust should be hurt and people should be made to believe that the army is responsible for the chaos inside the country but the people of Pakistan have thwarted this plan of India and India has been assured that your Will does not succeed at home and the people and the Pak army will always appear on the same page so do not fall prey to any misunderstanding based on a piece of recent news in western NGOs online in nadra which is a Pakistani News Channel Corruption Has Surprisingly Revealed That Pak Army Is Carrying Out Atrocities In Azad Kashmir When this grave was investigated, the mastermind of this news came out Muawiyah thus proved on further investigation and is involved in such operations and He wants the Pak army to fight with the people through the media. The branches of this media were spread to many countries, which leads to the conclusion that Love is the home of fabricated news. Due to this propaganda of India, many western countries as well as Ghazni fell victim to it in both countries.

Further research further proved that some prominent personalities of India also Involved in a game that was presented by India for fabricated news against Pakistan and these people were acting against Pakistan to prove to India that the people included Pakistanis who had fled to the United States and other countries. People’s funding was also coming from inside and outside Pakistan, with Hussein Qari’s name at the top of the list

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, as well as propaganda that Hussein Haqqani also belonged to the Israeli Mossad agency, but when investigated It turned out that Hussain was the focus of all fake news broadcast by India The reason for this is that in a number of interviews, he accused the Pakistan Army and accused it of being involved in atrocities, but on the other hand, he was involved in terrorist activities outside, which cost him millions of dollars. Whatever it was, but peace be upon the Pak army, it thwarted all the plans of the enemy. Finally, I pray to God to protect our country Pakistan from every sudden calamity and to cleanse the Holy Land from all the ghazals of the enemy. Save Amen or Lord of the Worlds Dear friends, check out today’s video. I hope that even today, if it does not increase your knowledge, please leave comments.

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