May 18, 2021


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India PM Modi is Going to Repeat the Old Mistake Against Sikh Farmers

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Khalistan 2020
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History has shown that the Indian city of Delhi has been destroyed 7 times and settled at the same time
But this city is about to be destroyed for the eighth time and whether it will be rebuilt or not has a very different impression
Modi is going to make a very wrong and stupid mistake of his life.
The situation at the moment is that farmers and Sikhs are protesting everywhere in India and Punjab but the biggest protest is taking place in Delhi, Punjab.

The Sikh community has started a civil disobedience movement everywhere. And with that, the entrance to Delhi is all over the place, be it the railway or the National Highway.
Narendra Modi is going to repeat the mistake of 1984. The Golden Temple Open operation is about to begin in India at this time. The papers of this operation have been placed on the table of Modi’s office
India’s intelligence agencies and Indian forces have made it clear to Modi that if we fired a single shot at these rallies, there would be a commotion in India and neither would your government. The city of Delhi will also go out of our control.
Every country in the world has intelligence agencies. If a call is made from one country to another for a conversation, the first copy of the call goes to the intelligence agencies. The organization that controls the whole of India has come to know that messages are coming to these processions from abroad. Therefore, these institutions warned Narendra Modi not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

The whole world should know that India now operates on only one ideology and that ideology is Hindu Raj.
Today, there are two major misunderstandings in India
One misconception is that not all Muslims in India are sincere with India and the other misconception is that the Sikh community in India is also not sincere with India.
And no citizen in India today is safe from these two misconceptions
Narendra Modi’s government has vacated big buildings in Delhi so that all these Sikh communities are free and farmers are imprisoned in these buildings.
That is, all these buildings have been turned into prisons.
Narendra Modi has put pressure on the whole of India to benefit Mukesh Ambani businessman.

The slogan of Khalistan is resounding all over India as Sikh communities from all corners of India are providing bread to all the processions. Ambulances have been sent for them. The processions have all the facilities now and they have prepared these facilities for themselves.
Narendra Modi has a misconception that he is fooling the whole world even though he is not.
Not the whole world is aware of Narendra Modi’s deeds.
The way Modi massacred Muslims in Gujarat is the master of it all
He has also used this tactic on Kashmir and now wants to adopt Hindu rule in all of India.

It should be noted that Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest people in the world and these personalities have given the government to Modi so that he can also earn money but Modi can no longer fulfill his promises. Is.
The problem of farmers in India has now spread so fast that Khalistan is being given full support from all over the world.

Many Bollywood movie stars are also involved in this movement.
If Modi repeats a single mistake, India will be torn to pieces.
And all these things have been predicted by every analyst in the world

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