May 18, 2021


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India is Playing Between Israel and Pakistan From Both Sides

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Situation In order to get Israel to recognize you, guess India’s lobbying furnace, especially inside Pakistan, which needs a character with his mahram. The situation is that there is a strange wave inside India at the moment. First, you saw that the Pakistanis were going to Israel on a chance. Mubashir Luqman gives an interview to the Israeli Tv Channel, then the light beard came in the middle.
The West is clear now Indian General read it and you will be amazed Imran Khan for BBC There is an editor of the newspaper inside India. He went to the Israeli TV channel and said that it is good to say two things about the recognition of Israel inside Pakistan. Maulana Sherani is with Fazlur Rehman who is a big Leader nowadays. Let the Pakistani journalists acknowledge the depth. This has been a relief to us Keep the Prime Minister for whom we said that there is so much for us inside India because Pakistan is too late to recognize Israel and now we have to put pressure on them and all the Arab countries stand with us Let us restore new relations with the countries. We have reached the next level with them. Let them be controlled. Israel is looking at Imran Khan with us from all over the world. Let Pakistan recognize Israel because if Pakistan recognizes Israel then Kashmir will come out of their hands forever and ever. The truth comes out of whose mouth this same lion fits them perfectly. Now they are talking for the open. Look at the recognition of Israel. It is a benefit for Pakistan. It is a benefit for some Indians. It will be the turn of the Kashmir issue to be resolved by those who have recognized Israel and the way India is working on it. Positions have been coming to the fore. For example, Israel has occupied the land of Palestine. You have recognized Israel in any way. In the same way, when you recognize Israel, you withdraw from the Palestinian cause. Once it is the same thing. Tayyip Erdogan should convey a secret message to Pakistan and should not convey the message that if Pakistan tries, it will have to wash its hands of Kashmir forever and Turkey and go everywhere to fight India on the issue of Kashmir. Will not support Pakistan this is a message from Erdogan to Pakistan now see what the Indians are saying they are standing with us they are putting pressure on Imran khan we want somehow this debate was going on inside Pakistan It will be clear for us. Now you see that the situation is going on that Imran Khan is constantly on top of it and it is being said that Pakistan will benefit a lot because Imran Khan has been relied on. The Israeli company will bring Dark, invest here, and build Al-Aqsa Mosque for Pakistanis. Within the last 24 hours, all the doors to Al-Aqsa Mosque, which they had joined, have been closed, and there was a great commotion, waiting for a similar system. I have constipation at night or not as much as the area does not go to it. I used to go there and ask for prayers and do anything.

masjid al aqsa 1
Masjid al Aqsa

We will talk about how many sacrifices we have made. Now there is actually a big obstacle in their way.
Ganguly had said that your rise will reach the sky in which you will occupy Pakistan. So they have written above, see if they will accept it and the money is Pakistani cooking, how they have bought our Maulvis, how they have bought ulema, how they have bought teachers here, how to buy media, how to buy politicians How to buy every representative is a game of hands. See, they will come here and succeed. Everybody’s bid will create traitors in them. You see, the earthquake of 2005 was sent to Pakistan through technology. Even within the GOs, Israel had arrived. Many people came to Pakistan from within the Blackwater. What happened to those who came to Pakistan from Pakistan? From 2005 to 2014, people could not bathe inside Pakistan. Went to pray because every time there is no more attack in the area and people wonder what day it is. Come and attack the mosques. Now look, Israel worked in this situation. When you accept them, you will withdraw from Kashmir, then where will you stand? It is difficult to buy traitors inside Pakistan. Are you in Pakistan today? Within a few crores of rupees, all the journalists will get you pieces of how they will work. In the same way, they will buy everything you have. This law has been made. India is watching both Ambani and humans. Put pressure on Modi was behind Israel because all the money should be under the control of the treasury and all the agriculture Israel wanted to do all the work they do all the world works on the corporate sector Gabriel he controls Israel it less At least all these things that come in handy, think that sitting in the houses inside Pakistan, even now this situation has not recognized Israel, only these are far away Israeli newspapers report and say that the government level inside Pakistan Advisers have come and the people of the rulers get in touch with us, they say at every level Yes, it is working, so think how easy it was to buy whatever was taken openly. Now, look at the situation in Dubai. Now, if only the Israelis set foot there, then the mysteries of the whole world would be revealed. Made the base of the prostitute and made a market for these prostitutes there would have lowered the eyelids of the world who would have brought the most expensive cheap to the market of Dubai to spread the destruction of every nation and put people over the age of fourteen as much as they wanted. If he commits adultery by drinking alcohol in Dubai and everything is black, then tell me what is the purpose of it? It is not difficult for those who will destroy your religion. It is not difficult for those inside your houses who send the whole country for a few crores. There, if only one billion dollars is enough for the brave Israelis to be ready to avoid all the people here who have to make decisions for your country, so now they have started spending on India that we know for Imran Khan. If Israel withdraws from the issue, Kashmir will get out of your hands.

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