May 18, 2021


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India COVID19 News: In Surat, Covid Death Numbers Don’t Match Ground Reality

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India Covid 19
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In crematoriums in surat india’s diamond capital thick black smoke continues to pour from its chimneys the gas furnaces burning constantly to cremate the dead.

On Tuesday one of the chimneys broke and fell after its metal overheated at the Kurukshetra crematorium in surat a line of ambulances waiting their turn wrapped covered bodies are brought in one after the other the waiting time to get empire is over an hour Umar sheikh and marouf work for an NGO the Ekta trust from the day the pandemic broke they have been helping to bring the covet dead to the crematoriums

according to the Gujarat government’s official figures in the last 24 hours in surat city, 16 deaths were recorded but when a local news TV did a reality check the picture was different entity we visited Ashwini Kumar crematorium biggest the staff told them

That 18 to 20 bodies were cremated here but the trust gave a different number Ramesh has a shop opposite the crematorium selling the material for debt rituals he says the numbers could be higher

They were asked to leave this a defunct crematorium started just a couple of weeks ago but the media was not allowed here while at the Kurukshetra crematorium employees who earlier refused to talk now tell a different story for you and me these are some numbers some statistics

But every number has a dream has a wish that is unfulfilled attached to it so one can only hope that there is some transparency in reporting these numbers and the person gets the respect that they deserve in surat.

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