May 7, 2021


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India Covid 19: Best Friend Of India Deny To Help

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Israel has declared to stand with India against a thousand that it was carrying a message of solidarity for India from all over the world.

The Indian National Security Adviser called the National Security Adviser and was told that Israel had assured Pakistan of its support and that the government stood by Israel during the war against them.

He spoke by telephone with Dogar, who promised to provide any assistance during difficult times. Israel’s national security adviser called on General Kayani to call on Israel.

Will stand with Pakistan in these difficult circumstances. India is facing the second strongest argument of 1965.

A message of help and solidarity is being sent to India. He also announced to send one million surgical masks Apart from this, Pakistan has announced to give India a clean sweep of their home, and the Pakistan Foundation has announced to give 50 runs to India while the team has announced to provide all kinds of assistance to India.

In addition, the US Dollar to Mint Time Corporation announced financial support to increase Indian manufacturer Baiko Packing and the US Department of Health announced its team to compete with men inside India has gone.

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