May 10, 2021


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Imran Khan Statement After Joe Biden Decision about Climate Summit

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imran khan and joe biden
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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he was surprised at the noise made by the readers when Pakistan was not invited to the conference on climate change. Our eco-friendly policy is for our future generations, according to details released on social networking site Twitter.

In a statement, he said, “Our government is already taking steps on climate change. We are moving towards working on the effects of climate change. We have set priorities in the 2021 conference to tackle climate change.” He wrote that if the international community is serious about tackling the effects of climate change, it should do so because after our steps taken for a green Pakistan, we have expanded in ten years with ten billion trees, tsunami, nature-based plowing, cleaning our rivers, etc.

We have gained experience while being at the global level. Our policies have been recognized and appreciated. We are ready to help any state with our experience.

The United States has ignored Pakistan’s global efforts to eliminate environmental pollution. According to media reports World cricket is being held in the United States on the upcoming climate change in which President Joe Biden has sent invitations to the heads of 40 countries.

The heads of India, China, and Bangladesh have also not been invited. The US State Department said in a statement that the purpose of the meeting was to encourage global emissions and key positions responsible for global GDP.

This is just one of several important environmental events, including the first Leader on Climate Change in November, who responded by e-mail to a question from the national media, with a State Department spokesman saying that with Pakistan and other governments Together, it is necessary to advance scientific goals in order to tackle environmental challenges


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