May 18, 2021


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IAF: Indian Air Force IAF pilot killed as MiG-21 Bison crashes in central India

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Indian Air Force
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An Indian Air Force plane crashed. I call 21 immediately after the flight. A group captain was killed. According to the details, an Indian Air Force plane crashed. According to the sources, the Indian plane was on a training flight. The Indian Air Force hacked a social networking site from its official account to report which plane crashed shortly after takeoff while flying to Central Idea for registration.

An Indian plane crashed some time ago in the Sagar district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and every other training plane crashed during the flight in which both the personnel were killed on the spot.

Ashok was an inspector while Pir Singh was undergoing training. Indian officials rushed to the spot immediately after the accident, after which the two pilots were rushed to a hospital where they were pronounced dead. Had he not been pronounced dead, there would have been no hand, but suddenly at eight forty-five in the evening

The accident happened when an attempt was made to bring Iran to its knees, but due to cruelty, it landed in a field of a nearby farm. It is clear that this is not the first incident of an Indian Air Force plane crash. The air force plane crashed in which both pilots were safe and no casualties were reported

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