May 18, 2021


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How stress affects your body – Sharon Horesh Bergquist

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Meaning for a test more than enough time to do experience Justin emotional stress is a hardware physical response that Travels review in X stress can be advantageous for too often virtual or you can put flight stress response to changes in the brain but also payment is made of the Other organs and self drive your body the stress hormones cortisol epinephrine also known as what’s new and hot causes your heart to beat faster and blood pressure causing hypertension ok I am going NOT function normally the process of atherosclerosis plaque buildup in your arteries together these changes increase your chances of stroke stress activate your coronavirus connections big brain trust your enteric for intestinal amoebiasis

How this brain gut connection can disturb the natural with do you get enthalpy decreases that sensitivity acid making you more likely to view nervous system stress can of opposition bacteria which may affect your digestive in overall help speaking of digestion does chronic stress affect your ways 112 can increase to advertise it helps your body to be finished your energy storage with energy dense foods and chords causing you to Crave TOEFL code is also called extra calories as a belly fat it is an old and active role in immune system Chemicals that can increase your risk of developing information systems

Stress affect immune cells in a variety of waste initially dikhao prepare 5 ingredients and heal after injury chronic stress in table function of some use of making more susceptible to infection in style want to live a long life may have taken view chronic stress that because it is even been associated with show in the end of chromosomes that measure a self age everytime is cell divide without damaging the salt in Africa when it comes to showing a cell can no longer divide by chronic stress has even more ways it can save it in acne hair was sexual dysfunction headaches muscle tension concentrating fatigue irritability what is always mean free how is a stressful situations to your brain is how you would want to address if you can view the situation as challenges you would rather than as restaurant you were performed better in the short run in stay healthy in the long run

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