May 7, 2021


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How Saudi Arabia is pressuring Pakistan to recognize Israel.

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu paid a secret visit to Saudi Arabia. Now the secrets have been uncovered because the whole world is aware of this and the whole world is talking about Saudi Arabia recognizing Israel over Pakistan. The Saudi media has gone viral after the Israeli Prime Minister visited Saudi Arabia.
The world is well aware of the recent meeting and planning of the Israeli Prime Minister with the Chief of Massat
If the UN Security Council is preventing Pakistan from building more nuclear weapons, then India, Israel, and the United States are busy building nuclear weapons.
Questions raised by former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2017 have been debated around the world that Pakistan is secretly building weapons with China, but it has never said how much Israel has occupied Palestine.
Nor did it say what Israel’s nuclear weapons plan was for occupying Palestine.
The same questions were asked in a recent interview with Al Jazeera by the Israeli Defense Minister, but he made it clear that he could not say what nuclear weapons we were developing and that the world did not have the right to ask these questions
The most recent meeting took place in a nearby town with Israel, one hundred and fifteen kilometers from Israel. The chief of staff and the Israeli prime minister met in the same city.
The same meeting took place when the media of countries around the world asked the Secretary to the Prime Minister of Israel if this meeting had taken place.
So these questions then they immediately answered that this is our internal matter and we can not talk about it and no country in the world has the right to ask this question now he is aware of these meetings. What is the purpose and what could be the reason behind them?

Recent Khans interview; Are they Non-Muslims or Muslims centuries that have been putting pressure on you to accept Israel? Anchor Person question.
Leave this question! There are things that we cannot say; We have a good relationship with them; Khan’s said.

There has been a lot of debate over the past few days on whether Pakistan will recognize Israel or not. Alhamdullilah, a Pakistani passport answers this question clearly. So let’s end this topic now.

Israel wants to put pressure on Pakistan with the help of Saudi Arabia and at the same time, Israel wants to settle some issues with Saudi Arabia. Now the world does not know what those issues are except the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.
But where the thinking and step of the world ends, the thinking of Pakistan’s intelligence agency begins. Pakistan has already received threats from Saudi Arabia that all workers with Pakistan will be expelled from here and Pakistani forces will be sent to Saudi Arabia. Will be removed from.
Israel wants Saudi Arabia to put pressure on Pakistan so that Pakistan is panicked and recognizes us and no matter who we persecute we have no one to ask.
It is a fact that the 31 countries of the world in which Pakistan is number one will never recognize Israel. If Pakistan recognizes Israel then all these countries will recognize Israel.
It should be noted that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had made it clear in the United States that until Palestine gets its entire state, we will never recognize Israel, no matter how difficult it may be for us. Will take
Imran Khan has said the same thing in the United States, in the United Nations, and in an interview with Al Jazeera. Whenever he is asked if Pakistan is going to recognize Israel, Imran Khan’s reaction is angry. Filled with, the answer is No.
Israel is an illegitimate child of the West. ” — Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Said. And that’s set.

At a time when the world is in the throes of an epidemic and trying to solve its problems, Israel is playing a big game.
There are US presidential elections. When Biden became US president, he said in his first speech that he would punish Muhammad bin Salman.
That means punishing the entire Arab world, and then the Saudi royal family contacted Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and said, “Let’s end our war.” We should get together.
It should be noted that whenever Saudi Arabia has been a victim of political expediency, Pakistan is the only country that stands first to help them. The problem with Iran has been there for a long time. Pakistan wants to solve this problem. He has tried many times to improve relations between the two countries.
Israel cannot acknowledge all this and it cannot be right, so it is always engaged in conspiracies. In Biden’s first speech, he talked about ending tensions with Iran and giving them 150 billion dollars with a friendly relationship.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately told a press conference against Biden that “you can’t do that at all, they will attack us again.
Israel has been successful before that because the former US President was brought by Israel and the former President Trump was fired by Israel. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke of peace around the world. Even then, only Israel was known to fight and kill the former US president.
Pakistan is currently trying to establish peace in the world. Pakistan is also the one to reconcile the Taliban and the United States in Afghanistan. Pakistan is also the one to fix the affairs of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. I also include the help of Pakistan.
Israel, on the other hand, is a small illegitimate occupier of peace, and the world is well aware of that.
Israel kills hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for the past 14 years. United Nations doesn’t want to talk about this.WHY!

12 years old Palestinian kid Muhammad al-Dura was shot dead on live TV at 13:30 11/25/2020
  • Once again! There’s no abuse of Human rights or to woman’s right here! What makes us busy is feminism support by western. And human right activist falsely accuses us. Human rights abuse in Indonesia, This all about the propaganda made by the US, Israel, and allies.
  • 1) #Israel is #illegitimate child of the west.
  • 2) Israel occupied the land of #Palestinians.
  • 3) A #jew can never be a Friend of #Muslim.
  • 4) Acceptance of Israel is like Accepting the ideology of greater Israel. #PalestinianLivesMatter


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