May 7, 2021


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How Joe Biden And Trump Differ On Foreign Policy

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All eyes have been focused on the American election although the result has not been officially announced as yes they’re in for a long unit it seems due to the legal challenge which president trump has thrown and he refused clearly to concede defeat but now the interesting part is this that now the world knew that the next president-elect is Joe Biden and sooner or later it will happen.

The reality would sink in trump and he will have to vacate the white house.
But there’s a different question altogether a lot of questions across the long run counting, People were totally confused about the complexities of the American presidential electoral system. What is the popular vote what is the number of the barrier which the president-elect has to cross to receive the votes in the electoral college if these are combined together with election to the senate how is it going to affect the balance of forces the senate and so on?
How is the winner take all system working in the electoral college so you might have a popular vote but you might still be denied the presidency all these things are something which concerns the Americans and the complexity of the American constitution system, Americans federal system, and the Americans presidential electoral system.

What concerns us most in the context is how is going fallout of the end of the Trump era: If you one might call it for the lack of a better phrase because four years did not make an era but trump was traumatic enough, Disruptive enough to have caused enough have all around him to the institution, to the individual, to diplomatic practice conventions, and so on that, it will be a long time before normalcy would be restored. So we are primarily concerned in this convention about the fallout of the American presidential elections on the world including India

Presidential-elect  Joe Biden in his victory speech made his priorities is very clear. The first priority would be to apply to healing touch to America. He said may have won as a democratic candidate but I will be the president of all of America.
He addressed fellow American Muslims and promised them that I will never accept a disrespect about Holy Islam Religion. He said that America has to be a united once again, let the accrediting of the election be passed and move ahead then he has to face the challenges like coronavirus, black live matter, and all that and its will be priority number one even before perhaps the healing touch is applied seriously because Americans registered in the past week unprecedented of 1 lakh 20,000 new infections in a day which was terrible so the Americans have to worry very much about the pandemic uncontrolled ravaging the country still and this trump had consistently neglected and one might even say that one of the prime cause of his defeat was there were Americans who thoughts there was a president who was denying the scientific advice given to him he had not taken precautions enough in time and he had been food hardy that he got himself infected with corona, he also withdraw from who he was talking of the kung fu virus, the Chinese virus, But not taking the virus seriously so fighting coronavirus would be priority number one for Biden. Related to this is the question of the American economy has suffered such a grievous loss because of the pandemic is it shrunk and some people think that is shrinking at a rate where the Chinese might have, If their figures are to believed come very close to them if not actually, overtake them so restoring livelihood making this extremely difficult balance how do you have a lockdown, How do you contain the infections, and also open up the economy to an extent where people get some cheer restored to their daily lives. So these two priorities fighting the COVID, restoring the economy to health, and also applying the healing touch to America will remain a priority for Joe Biden.

Now, how does make a difference to international affairs is something very interesting it is easier said than done. Joe Biden can do this and he can start running the day he hits the ground but it is not likely to happen also the nation remains divided.
The Americans are evenly divided between die-hard militant conservatives, evangelists, white supremacists and those whom they think are fascist extreme leftists and so on Joe Biden again has a record in past of having his way in the senate but as a very astute observer of American domestic politics said things have much change since Joe Biden was a senator or a vice president 20 years ago and after that so what happens is much has changed between Obama’s presidency when he was ex-president for eight years, Before that the senator and today the world has changed America has changed ideological clashes prejudices are far more strong

Trump Modi russia

One of the most interesting reactions of Joe Biden’s reaction was when the supreme leader of Iran was asked many what do you do, what do you think about it? He said; it doesn’t really matter whoever is the president of the United State because the United State is a shrinking declining power.
Now if the perception in Iran is that the united state is declining power;
Iran is not the only country that has this perception one might even suggest that this is the case with China. Now interestingly the two leaders who did not immediately send congregation messages to Joe Biden where Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of china Now both these countries one would say had been harassed, dogged, plagued by trump. look at the surface he declared a trade war against China, so China should be relieved that Biden has taken over. Similarly, Russia was a country led by Putin against whom some economic sanctions had been imposed by Donald Trump. Iran had also been targeted; so all these three countries should have been happy that trump is gone.
But if you look below the surface there had been accusation in the past election when Trump was elected to the presidency that he had been helped by the Russian intelligence services and throughout his tenure, he hadn’t been able to be this tent that he was under the thumb of Putin and Putin had some information on him he could blackmail him and he could make him do whatever he wanted so Donald Trump would go through the motion of being hard on Russia but actually he would not Uh go beyond a certain limit to stop Putin From his adventurism from his confrontation elsewhere in Europe, etc in his old ways. Now as far as China is concerned the problem still remain Biden at times has made statements which are far more aggressive than Donald trump he has used words like the Chinese leaderships id thuggery he has said the Chinese are aggressive he also has attacked china on their human rights record far more than Donald trump Whether it be good Muslims in Syncia or elsewhere in Hong Kong etc, so the Chinese will probably they knew as they say an unknown evil is worse than a known devil.
So Trump might have been a devil, Trump might have been an enemy, trump might have been demonizing china, But trump also behind the scene, under lowkey was also trying to open a dialogue with china so the impact of the trade war could be reduced. This is what just before the impact of the virus he had started a round of negotiations on trade with China in February.

Now Chinese would look at Biden a little more different because they thought that trump could always say that I love strong people, I love authoritarian leaders, they know how to make decisions, I can do a deal with them, he had this bravado and braggadocio even about the North Korean leader and he also had this misconception about Xi Jinping, he also had a relationship which was comfortable with the authoritarian leader in Israel, he did not go beyond the limit to criticize Erdogan of Turkey either so we’ll leave it at that.
So these three countries we have to watch very carefully how Biden would deal with them. Erdogan of Turkey hasn’t been very comfortavle with the Americans for a lon time he’s been trying his best to wreck NATO: which is the American military alliance in Europe, but trump was himself not very happy with this development, he had already told his allies in Europe that should, they can’t look forever that the Americans would look after their security needs, thwy should pick up the tab of their security courts themselves and NATO forces were being shifted from germany to Poland so the European allies were not very happy he also had weakend the atlantic alliance of the Anglophone Britain anf not only Anglophone alliance of their centric alliance but the west Europe nation which had been partners ever since second world war throughout the cold war there so maybe Dismantling of NATO is something which turkey could risk in trump’s time but whether he would be able to do so when there is a more eurocenttics front being united against whether it is ISLAM whether it is about aggressive ISLAM or about another poll emerging in this region like turkey so it is there if you see a few more reaction this is very interesting president Donald trump’s son-in-law Kushner was a close friend, one presumes he’s still a close friend of Muhammad Bin Salman the crown prince the sea of Saudi Arabia and he’s been with bringing about the peace the arrangement and alliance between Israel and UAE etc and to which Saudi Arabia might be a party Qatar and Bahrain might be a party but these countries have taken a little too long to congratulate the president-elect.


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