May 18, 2021


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Hatred For The Crime, Not The Crime

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When a mistake results in harm for other humans and society, it becomes a crime; and the person who commits its called a criminal.
when a human commits sin and seeks the pardon of GOD. He opens the door of forgiveness and all the sins who represent or ask. Does our society forgive the person who repents or asks forgiveness for his wrongdoing? perhaps mot.

It is the need of the hour to develop the sense among people to hate the crime, not the criminal. we like to keep ourselves away from criminals and due to this hatred, we are making difficult the relapse of the criminal to normal life. If we don’t keep ourselves away from the criminal then we can make him understand and stop him from committing a crime furthermore. if anyone commits a crime either internationally or unintentionally, our taunts contempt compel him to remain away from the normal life and ultimately completing him to commit a further and more intensive crime. If hatred is delimited only to the crime, the criminal can be stopped from coming further crimes. And so in this way, the ratio of the crime will also decrease.

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If we further go deeper into this debate, another situation can arise. An opportunity of leading an active life should be provided for the criminal he develops a sense of his mistakes as well as repents for his sins. It is frequently observed that he is not provided the opportunities to coming out of his past life and his crime becomes his identity. Taunting and shaming all the time makes his redemption to normal life difficult.

The influential people of the community can help in changing the mindset of society. They can make common people think and understand that ALLAH the Almighty, too, forgive his sinner on seeking pardon and repentance; and he likes forgiving others. The influent people can forbid the people taunting the criminals and can also help to bring them back into normal life by respecting and encouraging them.

Perhaps it’s natural for a man to commit a mistake but a better human does repent of his sins, and it is a great blessing of GOD for him. If any criminal repents for his sins or completes his punishment by law, it becomes a collective responsibility of society to provide an opportunity to such a person to live a happy peaceful life beside normal people. The local leaders can play a vital role if they;

  • Never stop communicating with them
  • Ask others not to disengage themselves for the wrong doers
  • Never taunt him
  • Neither taunt his family
  • Never disrupt his live hood or social activities

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