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June 23, 2021


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Hamas and Israel attacks as Jerusalem unrest ignites Gaza

3 min read
Gaza Updates

Militants in Gaza launched rocket barrages into Israel for a second day on Tuesday and Israeli planes fired missiles in the Palestinian territory, where the health ministry said the death toll rose to at least 26, including nine children.

The most serious outbreak of fighting between armed factions in Hamas Islamist-run Gaza and Israel since 2019 began with confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli police at Al Asqa Mosque in Jerusalem on Monday.

IOF military escalation on Gaza Strip: 21 Palestinians killed, including 9 children; 68 wounded, including 22 children and 7 women

969 Palestinians wounded in IOF attacks on Palestinians in East Jerusalem and worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque, including 17 journalists, 9 in critical conditions and 3 lost their eyes

IOF excessive use of force in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem: 14 Palestinians wounded, including a girl

Six IOF shootings reported at agricultural areas (east) and three others on fishing boats in the Gaza sea

Israeli-Palestinian tensions have been high in the holy city during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, with sporadic clashes and possible evictions of Palestinians from homes claimed by Jewish settlers in a long-running court case adding to the friction.

Israel says it has hit 150 targets in Gaza in response. Health officials say 28 Palestinians have been killed.

The international community has urged both sides to end the escalation, which follows days of unrest in Jerusalem.

The militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza, said it was acting to defend Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque from Israeli “aggression and terrorism” after the site, which is holy to Muslims and Jews, saw clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians on Monday that left hundreds injured.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan spoke to Turkish foreign minister Melut Cavusoglu Today: He said that “Spoke to brother @MevlutCavusoglu on the increasingly dire and oppressive situation in Palestine. Fully support Turkey’s call to convene a meeting of @OIC_OCI & UN. Storming 1st Qibla of Islam Masjid Al Aqsa, killing children, and forcing evictions – absolutely unacceptable.”

Many spots start tweet as solidarity with Palestine

Pakistan’s social media activist ran many trends on Twitter today, of which the Voice Of Youth of Pakistan played a significant role.
Millions of Peoples and social media activists expressed solidarity with Gaza, Palestinian on social media

A Palestinian official said Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations were trying to stem the escalating violence, amid international concern that events could spiral out of control.

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