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Hadhrat Ayesha Siddiqa Childhood and marriage

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Āʾishah, in full ʿĀʾishah bint Abī Bakr


Extraordinary will reveal their greatness from their earlier years. they soon display their talent and intelligence which they are destined to reach in a better life. Ayesha was no expectation. her manner was sublime. But children are fond of Toys and Games. So what Ayesha will collect girls of her age in the neighborhood and play with them. Even at that earlier age, she revered the holy Prophet and if he ever chanced to pass by their merriments, they would hide their toys and conceal themselves.
The holy Prophet full asking to resume their play. She was particularly phone and toys and swings. One of her toys was a horse having two wings. The prophet asked her what it was. She replied it was a horse. The prophet said that horses do not have wings. But she explained that Solomon’s horse’s head wing which elicited a smile from the holy prophet. This reply is an indication of the quiet with an acquaintance with religious hores and sharpness of intellect.
Generally, children under the age of 7 and 9 8 are careless in heedless but I can’t remember every e significant matter of her childhood, could explain their meaning and purpose and if any verse of holy Quran was recited in her presence she used to memorize it. She states that once while she was playing the verse “Nay, but the hour is already fixed and that hour will be grievous and painful was revealed. At the time of emigration to Madinah, she was only 8 years old but in spite of her tender age, no companion had a better recollection of the most minute detail of that event.

Her marriage

The holy Prophet peace be upon him first wife was Khadija, the daughter of Khuwaylid who lived with him for 25 years until her death at the age of 65 she died during Ramadan three year before the hijra. At that time the Holy Prophet peace be upon him was 50 years of age. She was the second person to adopt Islam and head always given constant support to the August husband in his trial and difficulties. She had sympathized with him and comforted him during every adversity and had never failed to extend her helping hand to him. After the death of such a loving companion, the prophet’s life has become very sad his faithful followers were worried about his hola wife of Uthman bin mazzun, a companion of the Prophet approached him and advise him to contract another marriage. Khola said that both widows and maidens were available and mentioned sauda, daughter of Zamaa among widows, and Ayesha, daughter of abu Bakar (R.A) among the maidens. The prophet PBUH authorized her to carry out the necessary negotiations. Khola first approached Abubakar who gave his consent for the marriage. Ayesha had however already been a method to Java son of matam. Before conveying his consent to the prophet Abubakar first approached who had not yet accepted Islam. His wife said that if I would become a member of their family, Hasan, for saying their religion which was not acceptable to them. the engagement was broken.
Before his marriage with Ayesha, the prophet peace be upon him had a dream in which an angel represented something to him wrapped up in silk. The prophet had inquired from the Angel that it was and he had said it was his wife. When he removed the silk and cover he saw that it was Ayesha.

At the time of marriage, Aisha was only 9 years of age but she was already fully developed in both mind and body. Ayesha herself status that her mother was the of the value of 500 Dirhams which is equivalent to less than $100.

After the marriage ceremony, I shall state with her parents for three years of which 2 year and 3 months we spend in Mecca in 9 months in Madina after the immigration she might have a complaint her father when he was migrating to Abhi senior but was disordered by every Tohana from doing so
The persecution of Muslims at the hand of pagan Makkah had led to their emigrations to Madinah. According to Ayesha when the prophet decided to migrate he used to visit Abubakar daily, either in the morning or in the evening. One day when he visits Abubakar at noontime he found his face covered by a sheet. The prophet peace be upon him told him that he had decided to migrate to Madina. Abu Bakr’s daughter Ayesha and Asma collected the necessary provision for the journey. Leaving their families in Mecca the two blessed fugitives are taken the road to Madina. and dodging their Enemies who were in hot pursuit, they reached Madina on the 12 of Rabi ul Awal in the 14 years of prophethood.

After spending some time in Madina the prophet peace be upon him despatched Zaid Bin Haritha and his 7 in Abu Rafi to bring his family from Mecca. Abubakar likewise sends a person along with them Abdullah son of Abubakar escorted his mother and two sisters on their journey to Madina it so happened that he camel trying Ayesha started running so fast that there was a danger that the little might topple down. Aayush Aaj Mother started crying after having Re raised for miles the camel showdown when the small Caravan reached Madina the Prophet peace be upon him was having his mask and the surrounding house is constructed. the prophet’s daughters Fatima and umm Kalthum and his wife Sauda daughter of Zama took Refugee in one of the houses. Aisha stayed with her mother in a locality occupied by Banu Harit Bin khazraj.
The climate of Madina did not suit the immigrants and many of them fail Abubakar fell ill with fever and was nurse by his daughter whenever she inquired about his health her father world recited the verses.

Every family is being disposed and death is nearer to man than his shoeslace.

Aisha told the holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa aalihi wa Sallam about his father’s condition who prayed for his recovery as soon as the father recovered. the daughter fell in it was so that the hair of her head filled out when she had completely recovered Abubakar approach the profit and suggested that he might call his wife to his home. The prophet said that he had no money to pay for Governor Abubakar’s offer to give him alone which the prophet accepted and sent to Ayesha.

The lady off answer came to Abubakar houses om Roman battered and dresses her daughter and she brought her before the ladies who said your coming has been a blessing and it is auspicious after which they adorned the bride shortly of the prophet camp there was nothing to offer him except a bowl of milk. the prophets peace be upon him and passed on the bowl To Aisa who was too shy to drink it. the ladies advised her not to refuse the gift of Prophet accordingly she took us up and put down the bowl the prophet PBUH ask her to pass it on to her friends but they said they did not feel thirsty the prophet said do not other falsehood for everyone lies is recorded.

The dispatcher of the bride from her parent’s house took place in Shawwal 18 A.H simple ceremony breast of ostentation or of any kind.

This marriage change a number of harmful customs first develop did not give hands of their daughter to use whom they called their brothers true they were not actual brothers this was the objection raised by Abubakar but the prophet had said that her brother in faith is not an actual Blood Brother to be placed in the prohibited category secondly the Arab considered the month of Shawwal as inauspicious for the departure of a bride. the marriage ceremony of Ayesha took place during this month it was also an Arab custom to take flaming torches before to party and the husband used to first meet his bride in a palanquin. all the Pagan customs were abolished in this marriage

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