May 7, 2021


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Growing depression in advanced world | Treatment of Depression |

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We are not people of baseless society No we are not like a kite Kite Neither the destination of Sunnah Hasna nor any purpose of flying in the air where we got stuck in a wire Don’t be free to do whatever you want, do whatever you want, earn whatever is connected with us and these are the restrictions. Our comfort is peace and tranquility. In this world, memory has developed so much. Problems have increased so much. There are also worries.

Twenty years ago today, I was in the eighth grade of the United States for four months. There is a village near or near the nation. Dr. Yusuf Sahib was from the entire Children’s Ward. When they came to visit, they started talking and saying that when Parisian companies make medicine, the company’s medical rep was not saying that only our company’s tablet is yours. One trillion dollars has been sold in Canada in a year. If he lied in one year, he would tell the truth, but I didn’t come. I don’t think so The December 13 tablet was used by a company in the United States and Canada which is the most developed country in the world.

The farther we go from Allah, the farther we will be from the Prophet of Allah. They will not die, the inner world will not be inhabited, the outer world will not be inhabited, the grass has blossomed a hundred times, the spring has come a hundred times, the same splendor of the world, the same loneliness of the heart. Allah comes out and comes to the whole being. When the root is weak, then the tree above is weak, its leaves fall off, its branches become diseased, it dries up, I need it, so it is green and fruitful. It also happens to be shady. It is beneficial. Allah has given it to the mother in its lap. It is from its roots. It is 10 that completes it. Then after death there is a long life where Allah Almighty Fulfill whatever you want


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