May 7, 2021


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Greek and Turkish navies face-off in the Aegean

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Greek and Turkey have never come to grips with the others territorial and Maritime positions fighter planes frequently violet years places above the Aegean and as recently as August Creek and Turkish worships collided with each other during a standard now things are heating up ever more policymakers and atoms are present to expand their territorial sea from 11 kilometers to 22 itself that is not taken lightly and has to strike back it is legally compelled by law to do so and prevent the Aegean from turning into a greek.

pilot relations between Greece and Turkey have always been on edge but not all disputes are alike will disagreements in the Eastern Mediterranean stem from economic opportunities the dispute in the Aegea is all about security much controversy Adobe after effects engineer take to in Cyprus in 1974 with the intent to NXT Island Turkey seeking to protect its can only Island invaded Cyprus which resulted in his occupation of the Nort Island when hostilities seized as insane kara started delineation talks to secure their military positions in addition to territories box included space and Maritime zones however can be announced at the time the negotiations produced even more disputes and mature with Revolt around the edges as an extension of the Mediterranean bounded by decree and another in Peninsula the geography of the Aegean is complicated with more than 24 hours islands mostly Greek and with high seas in between the space is a vital economics by Richard lifeline to both Greece and Turkey not surprisingly

The two Nations have taken on seemingly incompatible positions are the exercise of sovereignty over the agency at the heart of the dispute is the evolution of the law of the sea the territorial division resulting from the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 and the Treaty of Paris of 1947 natural acids game ownership of a nearly all of the islands in the GM however the evolution of international law following World War II the status code changed dramatically by United Nations convention on the law of the sea established in 1982 of Greece and Turkey the rights to claim after 22 kilometres of Canada Prakash Jewellers of who is right to ensure its security protection it must retain the freedom of navigation in the Black Sea in the aegean the situation is somewhat reminiscent of the Cuban missile crisis when the Soviet presence on the island post a direct threat to the American Homeland United reacted by violating international law and enforced in Naval blockade which done prevented the soviets from stress in India based on the island was even though International Law works in your choices sometimes the rules fail miserably that’s why great and Turkish fighter planes frequently called Each Other over the aegean skies and violet their space above as a testimony of rejecting the others sovereignty over the disputed areas of course the story of security is also true for the greeks is hard and surrounds the capital of essence and its well-being is tied to the sea and so the greeks very much to increase their security buffer especially As Long Range missile technology continues to improve in speed and accuracy that while

last month the Greek government announced plans to expand the great territorial waters in the ionian sea along at western coastline from 11 kilometres 222 in the first stage the Great full extent of sovereignty towards the west from the important islands to antikythera from Korba to crete Greece will double its territorial sea eventually the plan is to do the same in the edgy and but it cannot be done unilaterally it’s quite aaronic that the mechanisms of international law specifically the law of the sea was designed to grant Nations diplomatic means to resolve dispute act in the aegean it is on the exact opposite the where is the legal costs involved have any facilitated more conflict this of course was never die in 10th what offence and encourages top 10 amp as none the less the principle of equidistance iconcept were Maritime boundaries are bound to median lines is a time-tested solution that is worth exploring political rhetoric and military power sharing to Little but open all moves such political settlement process lawmakers to raise the funds pending which then increases the odds of miscalculation it’s a zero-sum game Turkey and Greece with the better of resolving things on the diplomatic and there are many ways to go about this but none that would fully satisfy the needs of you decide technically International Law does not impose restrictions on the 22 kilometre territorial water but jurisprudence fill the gaps in the law of the sea on delimitation of maritime spaces there are plenty of nations that have voluntarily Limited their territorial sea as to avoid your political conflict friends Japan limits territorial sea to just 5.6 kilometres to avoid territorial icing to so your straight teeth straight the eastern and western channels of the Korea strait and the of rumour spread the United Kingdom limits its territorial waters as 5.6 kilometres in some of its Overseas territories while Estonia and Finland limit their sovereignty in the gulf of Finland there are plenty of special cases around the world and they are most practical in congested places since there are so many islands in the aegean a bilateral agreement between Turkey and Greece islands around Earth ends with 22 kilometre territorial water while the smaller Greek islands packages cost precisely the positions in the north and the detainees would continue to adhere to the 6 kilometre territorial water some International cricketers grocer be established for instance in between less choose between Ankita and colour theory and Between Breads and capitals please corridors need to be and places of high sea but they do not need to be wider than 8 kilometres

Example of this is the gulf of Finland where is Sonia and feel and have voluntarily reduced and territorial waters and greater than International corridor as to allow for Russian navy access to Saint Petersburg within International waters the boundaries in the gulf of Finland Illustrator sometimes concessions can actually strengthen national security similar conditions in the aegean give both the turks and the greeks some breathing room civilian merchant ships could operate with equator is well stumble and essence would remain secure from each other is you would be connected to stumble and the Turkish devikot freely girl from the Sea of marmara to the Mediterranean without passing foreign waters at the same time please would extend its sovereignty in the Saral expertise ionian and the cyclades regions of together this work around would restrict certain areas sensitive to navigation while in fortunate in areas that are necessary for security which islands would subscribe to what level of sovereignty is a matter of debate whether is decided the ultimate resolution will have to maintain reasonably high Seas coronavirus from the Black Sea to the Turkish rights to the Mediterranean the point is that a bilateral deal with secure both free and total shortlands without giving one side to the size of copper him the dispute between Turkey and Greece will not rest easily the best MS complain about high winds the optimist expected to change but the realest adjusts the sales

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