May 18, 2021


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Greece-Saudi Arabia-Cyprus Relations: A New Military Partnership

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Greece Saudi Arabia Cyprus
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sorry Air Force join training exercise with grease on the other side Greece is eyeing the possibility of stationing a patriot anti-missile battery on sorry sorry the kingdom boosted their defenses against missal attacks on its critical infrastructure radio has a growing interest on bilateral relations with Cyprus dance to this development minister theory exercises between Greece and sorry Arabia anything in front of Turkey’s military capabilities sorry Air Force aur SAS Mere joint training exercise with the Falcon I want exercise took place in this should therefore space in Greece the sorry ministry of defense said several joint sorry f15c aircraft by the Rs 800 16-12-2019

F4 Phantom aircraft by the Greek Air Force took place in the skies above by the exercise is focused on implementing several training sorry that included offensive and defensive counter operations in their support operations shairi under the sas group participating in the said the beginning of the exercise was preceded by several coordination meetings with the Greek Air Force which focused on mechanisms and types of lights in the participating aircraft and accordingly a complete program was developed that includes all sarees he said the exercise is exceptional and the first of its kind with the Greek air force and develop the technical skills with their true and to support a very nice to extend our experience available fields Google prefer the deepening of the bilateral relations between recent sorry Arabia was the armed forces general constantinos florals and seat win him directly to paint an official visit to the country for the first time that is noted that during the toxic discussed issues related to geopolitical development

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in the wider region multinational exercises with other countries in the region and the use and exchange of training facilities of the armed forces of the two Kayal as well as conducting multinational exercises with other countries in the region book in Telugu with the official visit of the chief general staff to sorry Arabia in the near future said we have the same goes with sorry Arabia namely peace stability and we are working together for this in his reading on the occasion of the day of distinguished visitors of the Falcon I want an exercise in the 115 12inc I am pleased to have the opportunity to be here today in Surat with the chief of the sorry armed forces for the Falcon want exercise he also added that the exercise please between the Greek armed forces and the armed forces of Saudi Arabia

And to be precise between the air forces of the two countries with the participation of ships of the Greek Navy is part of the armed forces of Saudi Arabia general se yuddh win him down really in his reading thanks for the challenge to attend the day of distinguished visitors to the exercise Falcon I want while emphasizing the previous exercise between the two countries have lost the greetings of the minister of the sense of Saudi Arabia well expressed a desire for the deepening of relations in the military sector in a way that serve the interests of the two countries we look forward to seeing all opportunities to strengthen our military cooperation despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus on the other side Greece is eyeing the possibility of station in a patriot and in the solar battery on sorry soil to help the kingdom boosted their defences against missal attacks on its critical infrastructure and back healthy militias in Yemen both side l meetings about the military relations

In February 2021 foreign relations and defence Canadian the great father said the two countries may be close to signing a status of forces agreement that will allow Greek military personnel to be stationed in sorry as long as The Patriot battery remains in the kingdom he insisted that The Patriot is a defensive system not an offensive one and expressed his willingness to visit Riyadh soon in order to conclude the agreement also discuss the Patriots transport and enhancement of bilateral defence ties with his sorry counterpart Prince Faisal Bin for Hind in January 2021 the ladder Wizard Asind ways to speed up the delivery on the margins of the failure for amino acids then they said interest on bilateral relations with Cypress sorry radius king Salman receive the cypriot foreign minister Nayaka was crystallize in 2020 that it is caused by our relations between the two countries and ways of enhancing and developing them they also reviewed regional and international issues of common concern crystallize also met with his sorry counterpart Prince Faisal Bin for him Bin Abdullah in his office at the Foreign ministry in Riyadh Prince Faisal stress the relations between the two countries

The king is to develop them in several fields to serve the common in trial he said the kingdom is following with great interest the current developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region is showing its concern for security and stability is there and stresses its Full support for the sovereignty of Cypress trees he also said sorry Arabia calls on all parties to a bye-bye and adhere to security cam Ansal resolutions to resolve disputes to avoid escalation to respect the rules of International and not to interfere in the internal affairs of state for attempt to impose the status quo by force as that does not serve International Security and stability in this region he expressed concerns over the ratio 1 cyprus is an angle 30 with Alpha natural gas and heightened tensions over energy reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean response to the route Lucia ka offer letter exercises between Greece and sorry Arabia do not mean anything it is military capabilities they have to know win see the taken at achieve anything with this and there is no military value for this menu was in front of Turkey and its armed forces here that week as usual suspects National laws and dialogue with unfortunately Greece continues to act in a threatening manner that is inconsistent with good neighbourliness increases tension and impede the establishment of good neighbour we will check the attempt to portray the ratio between the disagreement between Turkey and the European Union

Turkey and the United States they will not we hope that our Greek neighbours will give up their provocative suggestions as soon as possible and we believe this is important for the well-being of the region recent suffer from difficult economic conditions while their government is still seeking more armaments Turkish president again also voiced his displeasure at the sorry decision to buy exercises with 2 keys long standing Rival Grace suggesting an agreement on drones depended on Riaz future conduct conducting joint exercise same time sorry Arabia is asking us for Drone trial for hope is to solve this issue Kamali without getting heated

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